AFC and NFC Championship Games Draw Big Ratings

Falcons Depressed

The NFL is continuing it’s dominance over television. Last night’s AFC and NFC Championship games drew huge ratings, but it still wasn’t as big as last years ratings. This years NFC Championship game on FOX drew 42 million viewers while the AFC Championship game drew 47.7 million viewers.

There’s no doubt that those are huge numbers, but they still don’t match last year’s ratings. Last year’s AFC Championship drew 48.7 million viewers while the NFC Championship 57.6 million viewers.

You could make the debate that last year’s NFC Championship game was a little more interesting in terms of the teams that were playing. This year’s game was the San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons, compared to last year’s New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers. New York is a big market, and a lot of viewership came out of that area. Nevertheless, the conference championship games were still the most watched broadcasts since last year’s Super Bowl.

Information from Pro Football Talk was used in this report.



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