Manti Te’o situation gets some clarification: Ronaiah Tuiasosopo admitted to hoax

Manti Te'o

Well it seems that the Manti Te’o situation may have been cleared up, but still there is some shady stuff about it. Ronaiah Tuisasospo admitted that he duped the linebacker in December. Ronaiah told a friend he did it, and the friend contacted outside the lines. Ronaiah has done this many times before. He did it to a random family and a man named J.R. Vaosa heard about the Te’o situation was interested about his story. So when he google searched who the women that died was it turned out to be the name of Lennay Kekua. Vaosa remembered that name and thought of his cousin who also had to deal with Ronaiah’s cat fishing prank. It turned out that Vosa, and other relatives tried to talk to Te’o about it on twitter many times. Yet Te’o blocked them.

So it is good that we know that this was a hoax, but my question is why would Te’o block people that are trying to help him? Many Notre Dame football players said Te’o is emotional. So I can understand maybe he got to emotional  and he blocked because he didn’t like hearing his girls name in vain, but still the fact information could be found on the internet about this women, and many people asked Deadspin a certain amount of times to check background of this information. It is kind of fishy if you ask me when it comes down to it. The thing was to even though when Lennay “died” Te’o still kept in contact with the family through letters and phone calls.

Now I am wondering I have never been catfish, nor will never go catfishing, but when someone ends the catfish wouldn’t they want to cut all ties from this person? Even then I still feel even though we got some clarification Te’o could be in on it. Te’o has not spoken since the incident. One teammate disclosed said “Te’o is probably embarrassed because of the whole internet thing” the teammate hasn’t spoken to Te’o since. Notre Dame even wants Te’o to speak, but right now it is being said Te’o is preparing for the NFL and is training in Coconut Creek, Florida in the mean time. Still I would love to hear the words come out of Manti’s mouth.

Even with out Te’o’s words at least we know some more information even if it is very little, just remember in the article on deadspin that stated:” Tuiasosopo is a family friend of Te’o”. So it is not out of the question that this whole talk could’ve been staged especially is Tuisosopo is an expert on how catfishing works.



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