Collin Klein says “I know I am a Quarterback”

With the East-West shrine game taking place tomorrow it is a big time time game for a lot players who are looking to raise there draft stock. Last year Alfred Morris put on an incredible effort all week in practice, and in the game, but still fell in the 6th round. People are taking harder notes on this game, and there is no other man who wants to prove his draft stock more then Collin Klein.

Collin Klein is looking to prove he is a Quarterback in the NFL

Collin Klein is looking to prove he is a Quarterback in the NFL

Klein was a heisman finalist this year for college football, and earlier in the college season NFL scouts were taking notice that there might be a chance this man could play as a QB in the NFL. Later in Klein’s season though people started to doubt his ability at quarterback because of his throwing motion. Though most teams are considering him as a Tight End, or Runningback, but Klein wants to prove he is a passer, and can be successful in the NFL.

Klein is Tim Tebow 2.0 pretty much. Lucky for most NFL teams Klein does not have the fanbase that Tim Tebow had. Klein might have K-State fans, and people that grew up around him love him to death, but he is not the national darling that was Tim Tebow. Now for me personally scouts look way into Kleins throwing. The thing about Klein is that his release although awkward was always much faster then Tebow’s was.

The problem I have with Klein going to the next level is the accuracy issues. Klein though has very good pocket presence, and he does take time when it comes down to reading the defense. So really to me he seems like he can play at the quarterback position. It is just I don’t see him being a long term option. I really don’t understand why some people can’t accept there roles into the next level. Look at Josh Cribbs he was a stud QB in college, but when he came to the NFL he has been used more as a kick returner, and receiver for the Browns. Michigan’s QB Dernard Robinson is going to be playing Wide Receiver in the NFL. So why can’t Klein except his role? I guess he still has a chip on his shoulder that he has something prove.



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