Chip Kelly headed to the NFL hired as new Eagles coach


After hearing Kelly not interested in the NFL, and going back to Oregon many were doubting if the offensive wizard would ever make his way to the NFL. Well as of today Chip Kelly is the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles,. The reports say that Kelly was never officially back with the Oregon Ducks. The school didn’t know if he was going to be the official head coach. They were waiting to see once all the coaching decisions were done. Now Kelly is moving on to the Eagles and I have spoken my love for Kelly before, and talked about how the Eagles would fit Kelly perfectly with the personnel it has as players. Only question is who will be the Quarterback.

Michael Vick to me is someone that screams the coach Kelly system. Will he stick with the veteran. Remember guys Vick is eating a lot of cap for the Eagles team, and has not been the same since his comeback in 2010. The Eagles maybe wondering what will be next. Let’s see also who will fill all the wholes at the other coaching positions. Will Kelly bring some of his men over from Oregon to help him coach. Just know the city of Philadelphia whether they look to re-invent Vick, or go for someone new that this team will be looking to make some noise in the regular season next year. Kelly is hoping to pull off a good rookie campaign. If he does what Greg Schiano did last season I could see the Eagles future being bright.

Here is a video of Coach Kelly’s offense if anyone wants to know what to expect.



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