Chicago Bears Hire Marc Trestman as New Head Coach

Marc Trestman

The Chicago Bears finally ended their search for a new head coach today when they decided to hire ex-CFL coach Marc Trestman as their new head coach. He will replace Lovie Smith, who was fired on December 31st. Trestman has been coaching the Montreal Alouettes since 2008. Trestman has a great offensive mind and has even worked with Bears quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Jason Campbell before they were drafted. Marc Trestman plans to hire Aaron Kromer as his offensive coordinator. When asked about the hire, Jay Cutler was very pleased. He talked about his first impressions of the coach when they met before the draft.

You could just tell how knowledgeable he was about the quarterback position and offense in general

The Chicago Bears struggled to find consistency on offense throught the 2012 season, and they’re hoping Trestman can bring an offense that will spark the team. They’re no doubt that there’s enough talent on the roster to make big playofs, they just need the right stoff to come in and do a good job putting guys in the correct position to make plays. We’ll find out if Marc Trestman is that guy.



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