San Diego Chargers hire Mike McCoy as new Head Coach

Mike McCoy is looking to bring back winning in the City of San Diego

Mike McCoy is looking to bring back winning in the city of San Diego

Former Denver Bronco offensive coordinator Mike McCoy joined the San Diego Chargers yesterday to be the new head coach of the Chargers team. New GM Tommy Telesco had a lot of coached under his radar. The biggest candidate of them all was Colt’s coordinator Bruce Arians. Arians filled in as head coach for Chuck Pagano who suffered a very serious health issue. Arians proved to many this season he was ready for becoming a head coach. When it came down to to it Telesco loved McCoy so much they went right with him. McCoy is looking to bring back winning to the Chargers. the last time Chargers won a playoff game was in 2008.

McCoy had great success two seasons ago changing the offense of the Denver when having Quarterback Tim Tebow on there roster. Many feel that McCoy took the job because of quarterback Phillip Rivers. Rivers is no doubt the franchise of the Chargers. I really don’t understand why most Charger fans want Rivers gone. There are about a list of many teams that would take the quarterback in a heartbeat. The reason with Rivers’s decline the last couple years was poor use of wasted talent. The Chargers ever since getting gashed by Shonn Greene in the AFC divisional round in 2009 have been loading up on defense. While letting players such as Darren Sproles, Vincent Jackson, and Mike Tolbert go. They have lost longtime linemen McNiel, and Dielman both to retirement last season. The Chargers pretty much didn’t build around there star player who is named Phillip Rivers. Under McCoy Charger fans are hoping that they can get the running game fix, and get piece around Rivers allowing for the big time gun slinger to throw the football with comfort, and not trying to do to much.

The Chargers have made a great call in hiring Mike McCoy since he knows Denver, and the division pretty well where he won’t have to make such huge adjustments. The thing that the Chargers need to do now is figure out who else will fill all the wholes to the rest of the coaching staff. Many Charger fans are hoping that McCoy will keep Defensive Coordinator Joe Pagano. Last year the Chargers defense was a solid squad, but with all the work they had to do  being on the field more then the offense really tired them out late in games.  Pagano also still has a great young core of players, and veterans that he has brought together, and has chemistry with. So you would think it would be a done set deal to keep Pagano.

images (25)As for Phillip Rivers this is what he had to say about the situation

“You go through the disappointment from the season and losing your coach to now having a new GM, new coach, and you get excited and ready to go for this 2013 season”

Charger fans definitely have something excited to look forward too in the 2013 season of the NFL.



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