NFL AFC and NFC Championship Picks

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(2) San Francisco 49ers at (1) Atlanta Falcons

James: 49ers – The Falcons finally got the monkey off their back by winning their first playoff game since 2004, but I believe it will stop there. Colin Kaepernick will tire the Falcons defense as the game continues.

Chase: 49ers- Falcons do have a slight chance, but Colin Kaepernick is just a monster and this entire 49ers team appear to be  in a league of their own.

Brandon: 49ers – Colin Kaepernick showed the NFL that he is legit this past week against the Green Bay Packers.  The Falcons will put up a good fight, but the 49ers will be too good for Atlanta.

Chris: 49ers – 49ers will win because even though the Falcons did beat the Seahawks they almost blew the game. And to me the 49ers will come back if the Falcons are ahead they will capitalize it and win the game Kapernick is to good right now along with the 49ers.

Glass: 49ers – Okay, Atlanta proved that they can win a playoff game. The King Kong is off the teams back and Tony Gonzalez can retire in peace. Kaepernick and Co. going to the Georgia Dome as a stop on their way to New Orleans.

(4) Baltimore Ravens at (2) New England Patriots

James: Ravens – After upsetting the Denver Broncos in the Divisional Round, the Ravens are an a huge emotional high right now. Let’s also not forget the fact that the Ravens remember how close they were to beating the Patriots in the AFC Championship last year, and they won’t let this one go.

Chase: Ravens – There’s a certain emotional high that I am believing in it, and I feel the missing addition of Rob Gronkowski being inactive for this contest could hurt the Patriots’ chances of winning this game.

Brandon: Patriots – New England looked great against the Houston Texans in the Divisional round.  Ray Lewis has given the Ravens a spark in the playoffs, but their run will end this week in New England.

Chris: Patriots – I’m going with New England, despite the fact Ravens looked good against the Broncos and the Patriots are tough at home. As long as they fix the Special Teams, they have a shot even against a good punt returner in Jacoby Jones. Just like last year, Pats win.

Glass: Ravens – Ray Lewis is a great motivator, now that they know he is going to retire, they gonna run threw a wall for him…they Patriots will do. Plus, I want to see a “Harbaugh Bowl”.

Last Week:

James: 3-1   Chase: 2-2   Brandon: 3-1   Chris: 2-2   Glass: 2-2

Through Playoffs: 

James: 5-3   Chase: 4-4   Brandon: 5-3  Chris: 4-4   Glass: 6-2




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