Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Head Coach Mike Mularkey

Mike Mularkey

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced on Thursday that they have decided to fire head coach Mike Mularkey. The decision comes after electing David Caldwell as the new general manager of the franchise. Mike Mularkey now becomes the eighth NFL head coach fired since the 2012 regular season ended. Mike Mularkey was on the Jaguars’ coach for one season, but the season was the worst in the franchise’s history. Jaguars Owner Shan Khan said it best:

We needed a rebuild from the ground up

League sources have told ESPN that the candidates for the Jaguars’ coaching job are expected to be 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and Falcons special-teams coach Keith Armstrong. New Jaguars GM David Caldwell had this to say:

I felt like we needed a fresh start here. Coming in here as a first-time general manager, I’m looking for a co-builder of our team. When I talked to Shad in terms of a culture change along the football side, I felt like it was more of that. I felt like it was an atmosphere of change. I felt like that to do that, you’ve got to have a fresh start across the board.

We’ll see how this rebuild goes for the Jaguars.



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