NFL Playoffs 2013 Divisional Round Picks

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(4) Baltimore Ravens at (1) Denver Broncos

James: Ravens – I have a good feeling the Ravens will upset the Broncos as home. Joe Flacco APPEARS to be an elite quarterback whenever the playoff arrive.

Chase: Broncos – The Ravens will try their hardest to make it a close game, but in the end, the Broncos have the perfect combination of offense and defense, something I can’t say for the Ravens.

Brandon: Broncos – Peyton Manning has played great this whole season and will not stop this week against the Ravens.

Chris: Broncos – Should be a good game, but I’m going to go with Denver. Peyton and Broncos are going to be too much for the Ravens. Sorry, Ray Lewis.

Glass: Broncos – Ray Lewis had a great and illustrious career in Baltimore and he’s definitely a “first ballot” Hall of Famer; he will start his five-year wait after Saturday’s game.  Peyton and Co. had enough time to rest and game plan for them.

(3) Green Bay Packers at (2) San Francisco 49ers

James: Packers – I am on the Packers bandwagon. I think Aaron Rodgers is playing the best football in the league right now, and I think the defense will be good enough to win this shootout.

Chase: Packers – Aaron Rodgers will be too much for the 49ers in a game that will definitely be a high scoring contest.

Brandon: 49ers – The Packers were able to get a win this past week against the Minnesota Vikings.  San Francisco’s defense will lead them past the Green Bay Packers.

Chris: 49ers – I’m going with the 49ers just because this defense will be too much for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense.

Glass: 49ers – The Pack will not be at Lambeau Field and it is a shame they have to travel cross-country to get knocked out of the race for the Lombardi Trophy.  The Niners will be rested and ready to go.

(5) Seattle Seahawks at (1) Atlanta Falcons

James: Falcons – I believe that it’s finally time for Matt Ryan to win a playoff game. It won’t be easy. The Seahawks have been playing some great football lately, but I think he will his team to victory.

Chase: Falcons – Experience should be enough to beat a young Seahwks team.

Brandon: Falcons – The Seahawks were able to get a win over the Redskins last week but there run should stop here.  Matt Ryan is having a great season and will get his first playoff win.

Chris: Seahawks – Going with Seattle because I do not trust Matt Ryan and the Falcons defense in the  playoffs, even at home, especially with a red-hot Seahawks team.

Glass: Seahawks –  Atlanta always look good during the season, but they are 0-3 in the postseason; I think I will continue to be the “Doubting Thomas” and go with the team that is rolling right now.

(3) Houston Texans at (2) New England Patriots

James: Patriots – The Texans left me very unimpressed with their win against the Cincinnati Bengals. Matt Schaub looked just plain uncomfortable in the shotgun and that’s something they need to so if they’re going to beat the Patriots.

Chase: Patriots – I don’t think that the Texans are ready to take the next step just yet, and the Patriots aren’t ready to let their spot as one of the AFC’s top two teams go.

Brandon: Patriots – Houston struggled last week against the Bengals.  Tom Brady plays at another level during the playoffs and will lead his team past the Texans.

Chris: Patriots – New England wins because the Texans didn’t look all that great against the Bengals, and the Pats are usually pretty good at home in the playoffs.

Glass: Patriots – At the beginning of the season I picked them to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, somewhere along the way they caught a flat tire and lost momentum.  They’re going to run into a buzzsaw at Gillette Stadium…AGAIN.

Last Week:

James: 2-2      Chase: 2-2      Brandon: 2-2      Chris: 2-2      Glass: 4-0

Throughout Playoffs:

James: 2-2      Chase:  2-2     Brandon: 2-2      Chris: 2-2      Glass: 4-0



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