Alabama routs Notre Dame for back to back title; Showing the BCS flaws

images (2)The Alabama Crimson Tide are once again college champions of the world. Last night they routed the Notre Dame fighting Irish and laid an impressive beat down against this team, but it was interesting. In the midst of the beat down a lot of fans starting hollering more and more for the playoffs. The thrashing continued when NBA champion Lebron James tweeted this interesting Tweet.

LeBron James ‏@KingJames

I blame the BCS for this! Call Oregon and get them on a plane to Miami please!

AJ McCarron became the first QB to win back to back national titles as a Starter, Alabama won 42-14

AJ McCarron became the first QB to win back to back national titles as a Starter, Alabama won 42-14

The Oregon Ducks were one of the nations favorites to win the BCS title, and they could’ve very well have been the champions this year. Remember at one time Oregon and Kansas St. were number 1 and number 2. It was until then both Kansas St. and Oregon lost on the same week. Oregon last week in the Fiesta bowl routed Kansas St. as well. Now both those teams were ranked 4 and 5, so who was ranked 3rd some of you maybe asking?

The Florida Gators were ranked 3rd, and why were they ranked so high? It was because they were in the SEC. Let me paint this picture for you. Leading into the final weeks of the College football the teams that were eligible for a BCS title game were: Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida… yes Florida was still eligible for the BCS title even though they were not able to participate in the SEC title game. What kind of nonsense is that? So your telling me Oregon and Kansas St. had no chance to redeem themselves? That Florida out of all teams had a better chance then those two teams? Ridiculous now let’s look at Florida. Florida was going to be facing the Louisville Cardinals the big east champion. Now a  lot of people didn’t give Louisville much of a chance (frankly I didn’t either). Yet Louisville ranked number 21 at the time from the Big East, handed a huge beating to an SEC school.

The BCS has shown no lie that they are in love with the SEC, and it is ridiculous how much bias they put towards a school in the SEC. Now Alabama am I trying to take anything away from there win? No of course not they played an outstanding game, and crushed Notre Dame. How can I take anything away from a team that ran over 200 yards against one of the best front sevens in college football. Funny though how people jumped to Oregon facing Alabama. Last time I check didn’t Auburn defeat Oregon? Not to mention the cowboy classic last year didn’t LSU defeat Oregon? Yeah just wanted to throw that out there, but there is no doubt with what we saw in the past two national title games that there should be a playoff introduced to college football.

I mean let’s put it this way. Last year Alabama had 44 days to prepare for LSU. Now think of that 44 days for them to prepare for one opponent, and to add fuel to the fire an opponent they faced earlier that year. Just imagine if the superbowl was like that, and you gave someone like a Bill Belichik 44 days to prepare for the superbowl. I bet you Tom Brady and the Pats would have two more superbowl rings that is for sure.

That too me is to long of a resting period for you to get ready for the National title game. The playoffs need to be put into system soon otherwise the college football product will start to lose more interest and garner more hate than it already has in recent years. I mean in the regular season some fans complain and whine about certain stuff, but normally that is when people are more mellow about the games, but when bowl season comes around that is when people turn into monsters they start blaming the BCS for every little thing. Last nights game showed the playoffs need to come sooner and quicker for that matter.

The playoffs is a must if College football wants there fans to be more intrigued come post season time, but one can wonder if a system like that is introduced would the SEC still hold dominance? There are a lot of great programs in the SEC there is no denying it. Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. So how would the playoffs exactly work? That is an interesting concept to think about for sure.

I do want to congratulate the Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the game, as they showed really good excellence throughout the game, and I am in no way an SEC hater. I just hate the system the BCS shows for the SEC, and how Bias they are towards the conference it can be a bit ridiculous. So for all you Bama fans I just want to say Roll Tide!

Thankfully the playoffs will be here in 2014 (although I wish sooner) and we may finally put the rest this whole who is the best team discussion once in for all. Don’t worry guys if you didn’t like the previous title games you could always watch this

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