AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb gets popular attention

During the less than exciting BCS national championship game there was one bright spot as football fans were introduce to AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb.


Webb was a huge hit from the moment Football fans laid eyes on her even commentator Brett Musburger the 73 year old man had to comment on her beauty which lead to one of the most awkward commentaries I have ever heard in my life. To make things more interesting look who decided to follow her.


That is no joke fans “the King” and NBA champion Lebron James was following her at one point. AJ McCarron commented on it with such class saying “Man that’s messed up he follows her but not me, I gotta ask him for a follow” McCarron was obviously joking, but was Lebron? We all know Lebron James is married with two children so why is he following the Quarterbacks girlfriend, and not the man himself? Weird if you ask me. Lebron would later unfollow her, but the worse has yet to come when Darnell Docket had something to say to the young lady.

— @_KatherineWebb aye u going to king of diamonds Monday after game?

— Aye @_KatherineWebb hit me (240) 464-xxxx when game over, lets go to wing stop then King of diamond,

Yes Darnell Dockett gave out his phone number to the young lady! Blatantly hitting on the women, and no guys that wasn’t a direct message that was actually on his twitter feed. I was kind enough to x out the last four digits as I am pretty sure Dockett will have his number changed but still what is going on here? Dockett on twitter is not done as he is still hitting on the young lady on Twitter as we speak.

Now Webb is alright with people knowing about her,and she dosen’t mind the limelight one bit, but still this a little weird that women like this is getting all this attention? Especially from big time sports stars. Than again wasn’t Lauren Tannenhill one of the only reasons why most of us sat through hard knocks?



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