Chip Kelly turning focus into the NFL; What team should he go to?

Chip Kelly went 46-7 overall as the Head Coach of the Oregon Ducks

Chip Kelly went 46-7 overall as the Head Coach of the Oregon Ducks

After a Fiesta Bowl victory over the Kansas State Wildcats. Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly is now turning his focus to the NFL, and there are a lot of teams looking at him. Kelly is well known for how he has evolved the no huddle offense. The speed, and up-tempo offense is something many teams are looking at him.

Right now Chip Kelly is going to be interviewed with the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and the Philadelphia Eagles will be looking at him. The Bills are as well looking at former head coaches in Lovie Smith, and Ken Whisenhut. The Cleveland Browns seem like they are going all in to get the offensive wizard. The Philadelphia Eagles after two failed seasons being NFC East favorites the Eagles are looking for that spark to light them to be threats in the ever growing NFC East.

Now I am going to talk about the teams with out head coaches and see what is the best fit for Coach Kelly.

chargersb_logoSan Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers seem to have a nice fit for Chip Kelly. Phillip Rivers although down grading is still an establish Quarterback in the league and provides a lot of interest. So what is a problem with this fit? The Wide receivers, and runningbacks. Kelly needs a fast fit of Receivers, and the fastest receiver on the Chargers roster is Robert Meachem. The Chargers are more of a team with tall big wide receivers that are physical. Ryan Matthews could benefit from Coach Kelly’s system, but he needs to stay healthy for it too work. Overall the Chargers don’t seem a good fit for the San Diego Chargers.

Overall fit: Bad

chiefsb_logoKansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs seem like they will land Andy Reid, and really in all honesty Chip Kelly I think would do well in rebuilding the Chiefs. Kelly will no what positions he needs to fill on offense, and he has a nice defense to work with in the near future. The problem is I don’t think the Chiefs will gamble hard to get Chip Kelly, and I think it will be a shame they could’ve used him.

Overall fit: Okay

bearsb_logoChicago Bears

The Bears are no doubt in need of offensive help. They could benefit so much with the work of Chip Kelly there. They have the runningbacks  in Forte, and Allen that can fit the system very well. Jay Cutler would benefit very well with the play action, and roll outs to the right that Kelly’s offense can provide. Now the Bears would probably need another Wide Receiver to compliment Marshall,and fix up there offensive line. They can benefit though for Chip Kelly.

Overall fit: Good

cardinalsb_logoArizona Cardinals

The Cardinals just seem to iffy for me to really say Kelly should go there. The receivers seem like a good fit, but what about the QB? What about the runningback? What about the offensive line? It just seems like to much trouble for Kelly to even bother with Kelly to even go there. They have a nice defense, but other than that not a good fit for Kelly at all.

Overall fit: Bad

brownsb_logoCleveland Browns

Now many are thinking why should Chip go to the Browns? Let’s face it the Browns always seem like a running joke for a lot of fans, but in all honesty Weeden, Little, Gordon, and Richardson would benefit from it. Kelly has a lot of pieces to work with here. The defense of the Browns is not terrible, but does need some upgrades. The Browns are not horrible at all and surprising enough they would be a team to watch out for if the land Chip Kelly.

Overall fit: Great

billsb_logoBuffalo Bills

Oh the Bills look at the talent on this roster. In my article teams in need of a quarterback; I mentioned about the talent the Bills have but all they need is a QB. Now this won’t be the ultimate fit for Kelly, but it would be a good one. Two good receiving fast backs, and an okay receiving core. I feel the Bills would be able to score against a lot of teams in the NFL. If they upgraded the QB’s, and receivers. Watch out Buffalo will be soaring, but the thing is I feel the Bills are going to be looking for a more experience guy in the league , and I feel Smith, or Whisenhunt might end up there.

Overall fit: Great

eaglesb_logoPhiladelphia Eagles

The Eagles weren’t they supposed to be a “dynasty”? The Eagles have not only disappointed their fanbase, but the entire NFL itself. Though this is one team that I feel Kelly needs to go to. Just for you guys who don’t know what type of QB Kelly likes to run. Kelly likes a man who is fast, can run the option, and can throw good balls every once in a while. Now who do the Eagles have that can do that? Michael Vick. Seriously you look at the QBs Kelly has coached in Oregon: Masoli, Thomas, and Mariota. These men have risen big in college because of coach Kelly, and the Eagles have the runningbacks and receivers that will work well with Kelly’s system. Vick I feel his career will be revived once Kelly arrives there.

Overall fit: Excellent

So those are my thoughts. Now remember folks Kelly could always go back to Oregon, but I think many fans want Kelly to come to there team. If there is any doubt Kelly is NFL ready just ask Bill Belichick  the Patriots head coach who said “Kelly has revolutionized the no-huddle offense”, and as well Belichick went to visit Kelly and picked his mind about his no huddle offense. The Patriots are in the playoffs and it shows that Kelly’s system can work in the NFL.

Tell me what team should Kelly could go to in the NFL?





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