Chiefs and Scott Pioli part ways

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Scott Pioli have part ways. In an earlier article there was a discussion that Pioli could be in trouble as well. Pioli since coming to the Chiefs have not done his job in making the Chiefs into a better football team. The Chiefs have been on a decline after making the playoffs in 2010.  Matt Cassel the man Pioli signed to a big contract has not performed at that level, and tight end Tony Gonzalez, who Pioli traded to the Falcons, is still performing at a high level. These were Pioli’s last words for the Chiefs organization

“I would like to thank Norma, Clark and the Hunt Family for the opportunity that they gave me four years ago. I’d also like to thank the players, coaches, scouts and countless other employees, throughout the organization and at Arrowhead Stadium that have worked so hard during my time here. I would also like to genuinely thank Chiefs fans.

“The bottom line is that I did not accomplish all of what I set out to do. To the Hunt family — to the great fans of the Kansas City Chiefs — to the players, all employees and alumni, I truly apologize for not getting the job done.” 

Many are wondering with this move at hand is this a chance to sweeten the deal for former Eagles coach Andy Reid. Reid is looking to bring his own personal with him into KC, and could that be the case? We will have to wait and see.



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