End of 2012 Season NFL Power Rankings

Washington Redskins

1. Broncos (13-3) – The Broncos started the season 2-3 and here they sit at 13-3. People bashed Peyton Manning for going to the Broncos, but it turns out, Peyton Manning knew exactly what he was doing.

2. Falcons (13-3) – Matt Ryan’s emergence as a passer has led the Falcons to great success in 2012. I would like to see more consistency on offense if they’re going to win the Super Bowl, but it’s still been a great season in Atlanta.

3. Patriots (12-4) – The 2012 Patriots got off to a rocky start, but that changed really quickly. They won 9 of their last 10 games and beat teams like the Texans and Colts.

4. Redskins (10-6) – Who would have thought that Robert Griffin III would be the absolute stud he is today? He’s been everything the Washington Redskins thought he was going to be and more.

5. Seahawks (11-5) – Russell Wilson ended up being the  biggest steal of this year’s draft next to Alfred Morris. Pete Carroll also deserves some credit for this franchise’s turnaround.

6. 49ers (11-4-1) – I really like the 49ers’ chances of winning a Super Bowl this year. As long as Colin Kaepernick doesn’t slow down, I don’t know who can stop them.

7. Packers (11-5) – Aaron Rodgers is great. However, that’s not all the Packers need to win a Super Bowl. Only problem is will Aaron Rodgers get enough time to work with his offensive line struggling o protect him

8. Texans (12-4) – The Texans are going into the playoffs with absolutely no momentum. That’s a recipe for disaster.

9. Ravens (10-6) – It seems like Jim Caldwell has fixed the Baltimore Ravens’ offensive troubles. They’re going to need the offense to be playing well in order to do well in the playoffs.

10. Colts (11-5) – Andrew Colts did what a lot of thought he couldn’t do: lead the colts to a playoff berth in his first season. Don’t give all the credit to him though, the #Chuckstrong campaign has inspired the Colts to do great things.

11. Bengals (10-6) – Will the Bengals be one and done like they were in 2011, or will they find a way to win some playoff games this time? I think they’re a team to watch out for.

12. Vikings (10-6) – Adrian Peterson. What a season this guy has had. Even though he didn’t break the single-season rushing record, he still made a huge impact on the Minnesota Vikings.

13. Bears (10-6) – At one time, the Bears were 7-1 and were in the Top 3 of my Power Rankings. Thanks to a lot of contributing factors, the Bears found a way to not make the playoffs for the fifth time of the past six seasons.

14. Giants (9-7) – The Giants were so close, yet so far at the same time. Eli Manning is still elite in my eyes, but he needs to be more consistent in the regular season.

15. Cowboys (8-8) – The Cowboys found a way to ruin it once again at the end of the season. I think it’s time for a culture change in Dallas. They can’t keep the mindset that they have now

16. Steelers (8-8) – Don’t let Ben Roethlisberger’s late game interceptions fool you. He had a good year. It’s the Steelers running game that’s suffered the most.

17. Rams (7-8-1) – Jeff Fisher has this Rams team headed in the right direction, and with two picks in the first round of this upcoming draft, the Rams are a team to look out for  in 2013.

18. Saints (7-9) – Drew Brees has had a down year, but I blame the defense for the Saints’ struggles in 2012. After all, they are the worst yards allowed defense in NFL history.

19. Panthers (7-9) – They actually improved their record from last year, but I feel left wanting more from the Panthers.

20. Buccaneers (7-9) – When Josh Freeman is playing well, the Bucs are. Unfortunately, Josh Freeman isn’t consistent at all. He needs to work on that during the offseason.

21. Dolphins (7-9) – The Dolphins need to go and find some talent to surround QB Ryan Tannehill with. Brian Hartline as your #1 receiver just doesn’t cut it.

22. Chargers (7-9) – There is no doubt that the talent is there for the Chargers. With the right head coach, the Chargers will be right back in the playoffs in no time.

23. Titans (6-10) – When the Titans lose, they lose bad. They’ll have some money in free agency and some draft picks to help fix that.

24. Browns (5-11) – I think the Browns are much closer than people give them credit for. They only lost by more than 7 points twice during the entire season. I’m just not sure if Brandon Weeden is the answer.

25. Bills (6-10) – People are quick to say that the Bills need a QB. But what about a defense. After all, they finished second in point allowed in 2012.

26. Jets (6-10) – This is a team that needs a quarterback. Mark Sanchez is HORRIBLE. I can’t even tell you enough how bad this guy is. The defense is there. The running game is there. The quarterback is not.

27. Cardinals (5-11) – Now that Ken Whisenhunt is gone, we can see whether or not it was the coach or the team that led to another disappointing season.

28. Lions (4-12) – Remember when the Detroit Lions were 10-6 and made the playoffs? The saddest thing is that the Lions have virtually the same roster as they did in 2011. Is Jim Schwartz to blame for their struggles?

29. Eagles (4-12) – I’m embarrassed to say that picked this team to go the Super Bowl before the season began.

30. Raiders (4-12) – We got to see Terrelle Pryor in action for the first time, and I like what I saw.

31. Jaguars (2-14) – The Jaguars took a huge step back after it appeared the defense improved over the offseason.

32. Chiefs (2-14) – The Chiefs organization and their fans are ready to forget the Romeo Crennel chapter and turn the page into a new era. They should be.



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