NFL 2013 Mock Draft Round 1 (January 2nd, 2013)


This will be the first of many Mock drafts posted here on Before the Kickoff. This will also kind of spoil who I feel like would go to the Superbowl  but I hope you enjoy. You’re most welcome to send in your own mock drafts as well and I will have no problem in posting up some fan mock drafts. So lets get started.

1. chiefsb_logoKansas City Chiefs- Star Lotulelei, DT Utah

Most people have Quarterback Geno Smith being taken number one overall. Right now who is the best rookie QB situation is to up in the air for me to really say take Geno Smith. We will have to wait and see, but I really do like Star for the Chiefs. The Chiefs could use his explosiveness and strength to cause havoc for a lot of rushing teams, and to get to the QB. Also if they can’t land Geno don’t worry there is a lot of good options that can come up in the second round.

2.jaguarsb_logo Jacksonville Jaguars- Jarvis Jones, OLB Georgia

Jones just seems like a perfect fit for the Jaguars. A lot of decent Quarterbacks like I mentioned for the Chiefs in this draft, and it is not like it is a must right now for the Jaguars. There is a Tim Tebow watch over there in Jacksonville plus like I said earlier let us see how the QB’s turn out. Back to Jones though, Jarvis is a very good defensive player. He literally is an energizer bunny that can make Quarterbacks worry, and plays pretty good pass coverage. Definitely a pick up the Jaguars should look for.

3. raidersb_logoOakland Raiders- Damontre Moore, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

This is where I would place Star if the Chiefs didn’t take him first overall. I feel Damontre will help the Raiders out a lot. Seymour is not getting any younger, and even though the man is still playing some good ball it won’t help in the long run. As well Tommy Kelly is trash. This will fill a good void for the Raiders.
4. eaglesb_logo Philadelphia Eagles- Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

No doubt the Eagles need an offensive linemen if they want to protect future quarterback Nick Foles. The Eagles were terrible with the Offensive line last year making all these adjustments. The Eagles can’t miss on Joeckel who blocked very well for the multi-versatile Johnny Football. Eagles will love to have Joeckel especially if Peters comes back fully healthy
5. lionsb_logoDetroit Lions- DeMarcus Milliner, CB, Alabama

The Lions are an organization who still does the draft best player available. This time I think the Lions will be forced to actually fill a need instead of drafting best choice. Is there any doubt that they need a cornerback? The Lions love to run with a defense that use rotation in the cornerback position, and love to use three cornerbacks at times. So really this would be a good fit for the Lions.

6. brownsb_logo Cleveland Browns- Manti Te’o, MLB, Notre Dame

This feels almost perfect and fitting for the Browns. A spiritual emotional leader does that remind anyone in the NFL right now? Come on this is the Ray Lewis the Cleveland Browns should’ve had many years ago. This is the missing piece for the Browns D’Qwell Jackson as great of a leader he is; there is no doubt the Browns need to find something fresh and new, and Te’o is the right fit for them. Though the Browns will be under a new regime, but even then I still say get Manti.
7. cardinalsb_logoArizona Cardinals- Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

Once again another team that had offensive line problems. Early this season it felt like the Cardinals were a team that could contend, but even though I know some fans will clamor at me to mock them a QB just know this. The Cardinals themselves let up 58 sacks. To me that number says it for me that I don’t care who you have at QB if you don’t have anyone protecting him it would mean nothing. 
8. billsb_logoBuffalo Bills- Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

Like I said earlier with the Chiefs. Right now for me I don’t know who is the best QB out of the bunch. It is a battle and until I see the combines I am keeping Smith as the better QB. Right now the Bills for any mock drafter feels like a hard team to pick. We don’t even know who the head coach will be and depending on the head coach this pick could change. For now though I am choosing Smith as the Bills do need a QB, because Fitzpatrick and that beard is not the future.
9. jetsb_logoNew York Jets- Bjoern Werner, DE/OLB, Florida State

Werner is a great choice for the Jets and he fits in the Jets defensive scheme. Werner can cause pressure on the Quarterback. Werner is definitely a great choice for the Jets who are struggling at the certain position. Right now Jets fans really want a Quarterback, but with the money Sanchez will cost cutting him it seems like the Jets will ride it out until next season.

10.titansb_logo Tennessee Titans- Johnathan Banks, CB, Mississippi State

The Titans will be upset that Milliner will be taken away from them. Banks will help the Titans out a lot when it comes to passing coverage. Alteraun Verner needs more support he can’t be the only play maker at the position, and the Titans gave up a lot of points this season. So this will hopefully boost there much needed help in defense.

11. chargersb_logoSan Diego Chargers- Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

The Chargers need to help there franchise piece in Phillip Rivers. Matthews just like teammate Luke Joeckel did very well protecting for QB Manziel and seems like a good fit for the San Diego system. San Diego will be looking to make this offensive line better, and hopefully the return of Jared Gaither and moving him to right tackle will make Matthews a well earned pick.
12. dolphinsb_logoMiami Dolphins- Keenan Allen, WR, California

There is a chance Allen will not be chosen. Offensive Tackle Jake Long had a poor year, and if the Dolphins franchise him it would be 15 million. Something the Dolphins might not do, but last year the Dolphins made the decision to draft the future in Tannenhill. So either if the Dolphins decide to scrap Long for someone else in the draft. They’re making the right decision in building in there franchise player. Though I feel Allen is a must grab for the Dolphins as he plays in a similar system the Dolphins like to run. Allen is a very big and physical that can cause some good match up problems for opposing teams.

13. Bucsb_logoTampa Bay Buccaneers- Dion Jordan,DE/OLB, Oregon

Jordan is not really a choice I have for Tampa, but this is the case for best player available. With CB’s Banks, and Milliner gone it is seems like that Tampa will have to go for him. They should not reach for a DB at this point, and there is plenty of talent they can find in later rounds. So go with a good safe option even if it doesn’t fill a team need.

14. panthersb_logoCarolina Panthers- Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

This seems like a great fit for the Panthers. Hankins will be a great pick up for the Panthers in a team that need someone that is a vicious run stopper. Hankins will fill that void for the Panthers hopefully making 3rd and short easier for them. Guy is good for the one technique, and nose tackle positions. So this is will be the best choice for the Panthers.

15. saintsb_logoNew Orleans Saints- Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

Richardson is an excellent talent as he can play the one and three technique’s well. The man provides an excellent pass rush that can help out the New Orleans out in the NFC south. He is someone that I feel would just fit well in New Orleans. Plus the Saints need to find a new pass rusher to cause QB nightmares.

16. ramsb_logoSt.Louis Rams- Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

The Rams need to protect Bradford, and they need to help out there new starting runningback. Warmack is that guy. Chance is someone that is being praised high by a lot of scouts. Problem is for Chance is that most teams don’t really need his position. He will be one of those rich talents that will fall because it doesn’t fit team needs. Tennessee is the only team I can see taking him, but make no mistake this is a great pick up for the Rams, and one they will enjoy.

17. steelersb_logoPittsburgh Steelers- Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU 

Mingo has great potential. Although the former top 5 choice has fallen off he is still a deadly force, and I won’t be surprised if he rises up because of the combine. Right now though with the aging Steelers defense it seems like this will be the right choice when it comes to players to draft.

18. cowboysb_logoDallas Cowboys- Johnathan Jenkins, DT, Georgia

Jenkins is an interesting character. I mean the guy could be a fierce defensive player that causes havoc, but like most young people has off the field issues. Cowboys seem to know how to handle that, and I really feel they need an interior force to stop some of these runningbacks that are in the NFC East. So it feels like a good choice for the Cowboys.

19. giantsb_logo New York Giants- Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

Eifert seems like an ok fit for the Giants. Not really the big time choice, but the Giants are a team that seems to rely on there pass rush to do most of the damage for them. Then having Eli score a ton of points, and I feel if they want there offense to succeed next year they need a legit Tight End to help them get better. They have a lot of young weapons to play slot for them, and also can use a two tight end system if they want.

20. bearsb_logo Chicago Bears- Jeff Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

The Bears need to make a big time move, and so many year with missing out on drafting offensive linemen this is the time. The time is now for the Bears to make a big move and improve the offense. Bears head coaching who they hire will play a big role, but still that offensive line should be the main concern especially a tackle.

21. bengalsb_logoCincinnati Bengals- Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU

Montgomery has great speed, and great endurance. The man is a great edge rusher and can compliment Geno Atkins very well. Montgomery just seems like a good fit for the Bengals, and it seems like his draft placement will do a great job in helping the Bengals keep building that great defense.

22. vikingsb_logoMinnesota Vikings- Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee 

The Vikings need to add weapons to help out Quarterback Christian Ponder. The depth of the WR’s for the Vikings is small and they could use the extra talent to provide with Christian Ponder. Harvin is a good player, but he will need some help attracting defenders and Cardarrelle seems like the perfect fit for the Viking.

23. ravensb_logoBaltimore Raven- Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia

Let’s face it Baltimore Raven fans Ray Lewis won’t be playing forever. They need to get a guy who can play that inside position. Now Ogletree may not be the vocal leader that Ray Lewis there is no doubt that this guy is a stud. I feel that he will replace Lewis well. I wanted to put a WR for Baltimore, but in all honesty the ones that I felt fit best in there system were already taken.

24. seahawksb_logoSeattle Seahawks- Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor

The Seahawks seem loaded on defense, and there offense dosen’t have too much flaws. Williams though seems like a nice fit for Pete Carroll’s system. Baylor likes to play fast, and maybe playing fast is what they want. Plus they need another threat since Rice is injury prone.

25. ramsb_logoSt.Louis Rams via Redskins- Kenny Vacaro, S, Texas

The Rams must be happy that they get a second first rounder this year. Although it would’ve been better if the Redskins did a poor job this season. Imagine if the Rams could’ve had a chance for two top twenty picks? It would be amazing, as for this pick itself the Rams secondary could use the boost in depth, and Kenny Vacaro is an interesting talent. The Rams could go with a wide receiver with this pick but I think they are fine with that end of the ball.

26. coltsb_logoIndianapolis Colts- Ezekiel Ansah, DE/OLB, BYU

The Colts will keep building on defense to help it improve. As well I think they will go to Ezekiel Ansah. Ansah is a project but this project is very athletic. He reminds me of Chandler Jones a lot and won’t be surprised if Ansah goes up higher, but I think he will end up in this position.

27. packersb_logoGreenbay Packers- Barrett Jones, C, Alabama

Packers need to help out on the offensive line. Jeff Saturday didn’t help out at all for the Packers as Aarron Rodgers continued to get sacked like crazy. Reason why I don’t feel the Packers will win it all this year, but have no fear Jones is here and he will boost not only the passing game for the Packers but the run game as well. Jones can also maybe play the guard, but I feel he should stay at center.

28. texansb_logoHouston Texans- Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

The Texans really need a good compliment piece to Andre Johnson. Johnson is one of the most targeted receivers in the NFL, and the Texans can’t keep building on defense with out making there offense better. They must find something to not only help Andre Johnson, but Matt Schaub as well.

29. patriotsb_logoNew England Patriots- Matt Elam, S, Florida

The Patriots need to keep focusing on defense in the 1st round. This team knows how to draft in the later rounds. Look at all the talent they find in later rounds. This will be good for them and hopefully boost up the secondary. Elam is not going to be a playmaking stud right off the bat. It might take a while but he is going to become a good player.

30. falconsb_logoAtlanta Falcons- Alex Okafor, DE/OLB, Texas

The Falcons will need a new pass rusher for them to keep on being nightmares on defense. You know I was going to choose a runningback for ATL, but they seem to be fine being a high explosive offense. Plus even without rushing yards they are a successful team. A pass rush is what they need especially since Abraham is getting older.

31. 49ersb_logoSan Francisco 49ers- Eric Reid, S, LSU

This draft pick will help add depth to the 49ers roster. Not to mention Dashon Goldson might be on the way out if the 49ers don’t get him to sign to a big time deal. Eric Reid will most likely place him as the successor. Reid dosen’t really seem like a stud off the bat, but I do like his talent and learning experience he can provide.

32.broncosb_logoDenver Broncos- Jessie William, DT, Alabama

Williams was a great inside presence for Alabama. He sort of reminds me of the 49ers Justin Smith. The man later in his career could play the end, but right now Denver and there offense seems fine to me. Just keep stacking up on defense.

Alright so this is the first Mock draft for BTK. I hope you guys enjoy it. I will be releasing a new Mock Draft sometime in the near future. The next one will be featuring Rounds 2, and 3 as well. Send me yours if you want to be featured on before the kickoff. I can be reached via email



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