Norv Turner and AJ Smith Fired


In no surprise Norv Turner and General Manager AJ Smith have both been fired by the Chargers this Monday morning. The Chargers fired Turner and Smith combo after missing the playoffs for the third time in a row under there regime. Norv Turner overall record with the San Diego Chargers was 56-40. Problem is Turner has gone 24-24 in the last two seasons. Norv did take the Chargers to the AFC title in his first year as the head coach for them. Even then that has to be his highest accomplishment. The last time the Chargers won in the playoffs was in 2008. Last playoff appearance was in 2009. Norv Turner was not the only one to be let go.

GM AJ Smith is also being let go. AJ Smith was a guy who fired old head coach Marty Schottenheimer after Marty went 14-2. AJ seemed like a smart guy, but when it came to keeping talent AJ didn’t do that. Guys such as Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles, Michael Turner, Mike Tolbert, and many others. Although bringing in great pieces on defense. Obviously AJ Smith forgot who he gave the big contract too. Phillip Rivers, the Chargers improved on defense but they haven’t been helping there franchise player in pieces what so ever. This year no chargers made the pro bowl, even on the defensive side of the ball.

Both Norv and AJ are professionals so they left knowing it is a business.  The Chargers have hired former Greenbay Packer GM Ron Wolf to be a consultant to finding a new GM and head coach for the Chargers team.



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