NFL Week 17 Picks

RG3 and Tony

Merry Christmas Everyone! Tony Romo and Robert Griffin III will be the players to watch during Sunday Night’s interesting battle between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins

Buccaneers at Falcons

James: Buccaneers – The Falcons have clinched home-field advantage and there’s no reason for them to try during this game.

Chase: Buccaneers –  Falcons will be resting the starters.

Brandon: Falcons – Atlanta looked great last week while the Buccaneers still continued to struggle.

Jets at Bills

James: Bills – The Jets just need to clean house as soon as possible.

Chase: Bills – The Jets can’t get anything going,

Brandon: Bills – Both teams are having a bad season but the Bills should come out on top.

Ravens at Bengals

James: Ravens – The Ravens have already clinched the AFC North, but they’ll want to win this one against a divisional foe.

Chase: Bengals – Ravens starters will play but they could rest them

Brandon: Bengals – Cincinnati has been looking good the past couple of weeks.

Bears at Lions

James: Bears – The Bears can smell a playoff berth and won’t let it slip away for the second straight year.

Chase: Bears – The Lions are not strong enough to defeat the mighty Bears.

Brandon: Bears – Chicago’s defense will be able to stop Calvin Johnson and the Lions offense.

Texans at Colts

James: Texans – The Texans are playing for a bye week, and I don’t think they’ll let it go.

Chase: Texans – The Texans need a first round bye if they want to make it far in the playoffs

Brandon: Texans – Houston lost badly last week to the Minnesota Vikings but should be able to beat the Colts.

Packers at Vikings

James: Packers – If the Vikings win, they’re in, but I just don’t see the Packers losing to the Vikings with Aaron Rodgers playing very well as of late.

Chase: Packers – First round bye seems to good for the Packers to let go

Brandon: Vikings – Minnesota’s defense have stepped up a lot these past few weeks.  Christian Ponder is finally playing like he should have all year.

Dolphins at Patriots

James: Patriots – The Patriots can still get a bye week and will try their hardest to get one.

Chase: Patriots – They will get this win, hopefully they look better than last week

Brandon: Patriots – New England had a close call last week against the Jaguars but shouldn’t have any troubles this week against the Dolphins.

Panthers at Saints

James: Saints – Drew Brees has turned this Saints’ season around.

Chase: Panthers – The Panthers are playing red hot and it won’t stop now

Brandon: Panthers – Carolina has finally played like they should have been playing all season.

Eagles at Giants

James: Giants – Eli Manning and the Giants will not win the NFC East, but with some help they can make the wildcard.

Chase: Giants – The Giants will play good against this poor Eagles team

Brandon: Giants – The Eagles are having too many problems to get past New York.

Browns at Steelers

James: Steelers – Big Ben cost his team a playoff berth and will get revenge in Week 17.

Chase: Browns – Yeah Steelers not looking to good so going for the Browns

Brandon: Browns – Pittsburgh is not looking impressive lately and Cleveland should be able to get the upset win over the Steelers.

Jaguars at Titans

James: Titans – Jake Locker needs to show up for the last game of the season.

Chase: Jaguars – Pick your poison here.

Brandon: Jaguars – Jacksonville looked good last week despite their loss to the Patriots.

Chiefs at Broncos

James: Broncos – Peyton Manning will finish his MVP with a win against the Chiefs.

Chase: Broncos – They got a first round bye they want to keep

Brandon: Broncos – Peyton Manning will have a great day against the Chiefs defense.

Raiders at Chargers

James: Chargers – They’re both fighting for draft position at this point. The Raiders will “fight” harder.

Chase: Chargers – Who is the Raiders’ starting quarterback?

Brandon: Chargers – Without Carson Parmer the Raiders won’t be able to win.

Cardinals at 49ers

James: 49ers – Sorry, Seahawks fans. I don’t see the 49ers losing to the NFC’s worst team even after a pitiful effort against the Seahawks in Week 16

Chase: 49ers – They will not lose this game to a pathetic team

Brandon: 49ers – The 49ers will bounce back from a terrible loss to the Seahawks.  San Francisco should have an easy win against the Cardinals.

Rams at Seahawks

James: Seahawks – They will try their hardest to win this one for a possible NFC West title.

Chase: Seahawks – They are just a tremendous team right now and possible superbowl sleeper

Brandon: Seahawks – Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have been looking great these past three weeks.

Cowboys at Redskins

James: Redskins – Tony Romo underperforms in the NFC East title game for the second straight year.

Chase: Redskins – RG3 juice is so good, even Romo likes it.

Brandon: Redskins – The Washington Redskins are on a six game winning streak.  Robert Griffin III is still playing great and will be too much for the Cowboys.

Last Week:

James: 14-2               Chase: 13-3                  Brandon: 11-5

Season Records:

James: 154-85-1     Chase: 144-95-1         Brandon: 152-87-1



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