The Playoff picture after Week 16

The cream has risen to the top…sort of.

The AFC picture is defined and set; the NFC picture is still a little blurry.  We have four teams locked up on the AFC-side of the playoffs and we have five teams playing “musical chairs” with the remaining two spots.  Here’s what we know…

Adrian Peterson and the Vikings are in with a win against the Green Bay Packers in Minnesota next week.  Even if the Vikings lose, they can still get in if and only if the Bears, Cowboys and Giants ALL lose.

The Bears need help…from the Packers? Yep, the Bears can only make the postseason if they beat the Lions in Detroit AND if the Packers beat the Vikings.  The Bears cannot blame anybody but themselves to be in this predicament; they have recorded a 2-5 record in the last seven games.

Stick a fork in them, the Giants are done!  The New York Giants not only lost their position in the NFC East race, but they can be out of the playoffs altogether with that 33-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  NYG needs to beat the Philadelphia Eagles next week and hope the Bears, Cowboys and Vikings ALL lose.  Go ahead and clean out your lockers, there isn’t  going to be any “playoff runs” for the New York Giants this year.

Leave it up to the NFC to keep the season interesting.

Written by -Arnold Glass II – AFC West Writer

NFL Playoff picture after Week 16 - AFC

NFL Playoff picture after Week 16 - NFC



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