Who will win the NFC East?

Coming into week 16 the NFC East has three teams with an 8-6 record.  The Redskins own the tiebreaker and are in first place over the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.  The Philadelphia Eagles have no chance of making the playoffs because they currently hold a 4-10 record. So who will win the NFC East?


New York Giants – Throughout this season the Giants look like the best team one week and then the worst the next week.  They have shown us that they can play like they did in the playoffs last season when they played the Saints this season.  The Giants have also had games were the look terrible against the Atlanta Falcons.  The New York Giants have a pretty easy upcoming schedule.  They are playing against the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Ravens have been struggling lately and cannot seem to get things going for their team.  The Eagles are having another bad season and have too many injuries to top stars on the team.  Even if the Giants win out, they need the Cowboys and the Redskins to lose a game in order to win the division.


Dallas Cowboys – This season the Cowboys started out with a rough start.  Dallas is playing great having a three game win streak.  Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are finally getting on the same page.  Dez Bryant has recorded at least one touchdown for the past 6 games.  These two having this connection is a big part of why the Dallas Cowboys were able to win these past couple of games.  Another thing that has helped the Cowboys is the return of their starting running back, DeMarco Murray.  In the past three weeks Demarco Murray has recorded a touchdown in each game.  DeMarco Murray is an important part of the Dallas Offense and will help them a lot in their upcoming games.  The Dallas Cowboys have the New Orleans Saints and the Washington Redskins as their last two games on their schedule.  These two games are must win games for them to make the playoffs.  I cannot see the Saints winning this game with the way the Cowboys have been playing.  The Saints defense is not good enough to stop the Cowboys offense that has been on fire lately.  The next game against the Washington Redskins is up in the air.  This game could go either way, because of how these two teams are playing.  Robert Griffin should lead the Redskins past the Cowboys to ruin their playoff hopes this season.  The Cowboys need to win this week and beat the Redskins next week in order to win the division.


Washington Redskins – So far this season the Redskins have been on a roll mainly because of their first round draft pick, Robert Griffin III.  This season Robert Griffin is having a rookie of the year season.  He has been all over the place showing the NFL the he is the real deal.  A couple of weeks ago against the Baltimore Ravens, Robert Griffin injured his knee.  Last week he was not able to play and Washington had to rely on the backup quarterback, Kirk Cousins.  Even without their starting quarterback they were able to pull off a win against the Cleveland Browns who have improved over the past couple of weeks.  The upcoming schedule for the Washington Redskins is against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.  The Philadelphia Eagles do not show a threat to the Redskins and should be a pretty easy win this week.  The Dallas Cowboys are playing great but like I said earlier I do not see the Cowboys pulling off the win against the Washington Redskins.  The Redskins will win the division if they are able to win both of their remaining games.

This division will once again come down to the last game, but I am predicting the Washington Redskins to win the divison.



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