NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

Joe Flacco


Joe Flacco’s recent struggles clould cost the Ravens a playoff berth.

1. Falcons (11-2) – The Falcons have regained the prime position on these Power Rankings after shutting down the NFC East leaders and reigning Super Bowl champions.

2. 49ers (10-3-1) – They almost found a way to give it back to the Patriots, but nevertheless, the 49ers got it done against one of the best teams in the NFL, thanks to Colin Kaepernick.

3. Texans (11-2) – The Texans needed that win to clinch the AFC South for the second straight year and they got it done. JJ Watt is back as my Defensive Player of the Year.

4. Broncos (11-3) – They’ve won nine straight games and the rest of their schedule makes it look easy for them to win out and get the #2 seed in the AFC.

5. Patriots (10-4) – Oh how the mighty have fallen. After rising up to #1 in my rankings last week, the Patriots found a way to make us all ask those questions of whether or not they can get to another Super Bowl. We’ll see.

6. Packers (10-4) – The defense has been stepping up all year, giving Aaron Rodgers more comfort on the offensive side of the ball. They could be a real Super Bowl threat.

7. Seahawks (9-5) – Let’s not forget about the Seahawks, ladies and gentlemen. With a primetime game against the 49ers this week, they could steal the NFC West from them.

8. Redskins (8-6) – After starting 3-6, the Redskins have won 5 straight and currently hold the NFC East lead.

9. Ravens (9-5) – The Ravens have fallen and they can’t get up. They better learn how quick because they haven’t won the division just yet.

10. Giants (8-6) – This is where we find out whether or not Eli Manning is elite. His team has lost the NFC East lead with 2 games left. Can he get it done when it counts?

11. Cowboys (8-6) – I’ll give the Cowboys credit. They’re not going down without a fight. My only question is how much fight do they have left?

12. Colts (9-5) – They are playoff bound, but I’m just not feeling it from Andrew Luck as of late.

13.  Bears (8-6) –  Remember when the Bears were 7-1 and were bound for the NFC North title? Seems like such a long time ago. now we’re wondering whether or not they’ll make the playoffs.

14. Bengals (8-6) – Big game against the Steelers this week. The Bengals will finally be able to beat the Steelers and get themselves a playoff berth by doing so.

15. Vikings (8-6) – Adrian Peterson has rushed for 200+ more yards than Christian Ponder has thrown over the past five games. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

16. Steelers (7-7) – They’re season is one the line this Sunday against the Bengals.

17. Saints (6-8) – They are sub .500 but I have a feeling they’ll get to .500 and end the season on a positive note.

18. Dolphins (6-8) – The Dolphins just seem to be better when Ryan Tannehill is playing better.

19. Rams (6-7-1) – A decent record is still a possibility for the Rams, but that’s all they’re striving for at this point.

20. Buccaneers (6-8) -Josh Freeman struggled again on Sunday, adding on to his inconsistent season. Scratch that, inconsistent career.

21. Browns (5-9) – The Browns’ winning streak came to an end, but they’re still looking towards to future with a smile, thanks to rookie RB Trent Richardson

22. Panthers (5-9) – The Panthers are en route to tying their 6-10 record from a year ago.

23. Chargers (5-9) – Are the Chargers ready to cut ties with QB Philip Rivers after another turnover-filled season.

24. Titans (5-9) – Apart of me thinks the shoulder injury Jake Locker sustained Week 4 is bothering him and is effecting his game. They found a way to win on Monday night, but Locker needs to get healthy over the offseason.

25. Jets (6-8) – I was never a believe of the Jets’ playoff chances, and they showed why on primetime television.

26. Bills (5-9) – Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to show why he deserves another year in Buffalo, or he’ll be the first one out in the offseason.

27. Cardinals (5-9) – The only people I salvage on this team are Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson. It’s time to clean house.

28. Lions (4-10) – The loss to the Cardinals showed how far this team is when it comes to discipline.

29. Raiders (4-10) – The Raiders couldn’t even look that good against the Chiefs.

30. Eagles (4-10) – Nick Foles needs to show us more before we can say that he deserves another year as the starter in Philly.

31. Jaguars (2-12) – The return of Maurice Jones-Drew is becoming less likely, ending anything worth a damn for the 2012 Jaguars.

32. Chiefs (2-12) – The Chiefs’ offense is so bad it’s just ridiculous.


4 thoughts on “NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

  1. The Chargers are not going to cut ties with Philip Rivers. Rivers needs a new OC. And plus he signed a new contract which no one will pick up. Great Podcast and Article.

    I am a Chargers fan btw haha.


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