NFL Week 16 Picks

tony romo

Falcons at Lions

James: Falcons – The Lions were unable to beat a team that lost 58-0 the week prior.

Chase: Falcons – The Lions looked pathetic against the Cardinals, and ATL will be fired up to secure home field for the rest of the playoffs.

Brandon: Falcons – Atlanta put a beating on the Giants this past week while the Lions are keeping up there disappointing season.

Chargers at Jets

James: Chargers – Philip Rivers’s job is in question. I think he’ll step up to the plate.

Chase: Chargers – The Jets can be bad, San Diego can be bad. All I can say really is pick your poison here.

Brandon: Chargers – The Jets cannot seem to get things going.

Giants at Ravens

James: Giants – The Ravens and Giants lost bad last week, but I expect the Giants to win with the NFC East in a three-way tie.

Chase: Ravens – Honestly this game is too much of a toss up. The offense looks bad, but I believe the return of Lewis could save the Ravens just barely

Brandon: Giants – This past week New York was destroyed by the Falcons. They should come back this week and pick up the win.

Raiders at Panthers

James: Panthers – Cam Newton and the Panthers offense have finally woken up making them tough to beat once again.

Chase: Panthers – Raiders are unbelievably bad.

Brandon: Panthers – Cam Newton should power this team past the Raiders.

Saints at Cowboys

James: Saints – I’m going to keep picking against the Cowboys until they finally make the playoffs.

Chase: Cowboys – The boys looked good in Pittsburgh, and I think the play of Brees and the Saints defense won’t be as good against a good team

Brandon: Cowboys – Dallas is on a winning streak and I am not expecting it to stop now.

Titans at Packers

James: Packers – Aaron Rodgers will have another great game against this Titans defense.

Chase: Packers – Titans may shock people but GB is looking hot right now.

Brandon: Packers – Green Bay is too good for the struggling 5-9 Tennessee Titans.

Vikings at Texans

James: Texans – JJ Watt and the rest of the Texans defensive line will give Christian Ponder hell.

Chase: Texans – AP will run as fast as he can but won’t escape the Houston D-Line.

Brandon: Texans – Adrian Peterson should have a great day against the Texans but it will not be enough to survivor the number one team in the AFC.

Patriots at Jaguars

James: Patriots – Tom Brady will be very upset after his terrible first half performance last week.

Chase: Patriots – I honestly do feel bad for the Jaguars.

Brandon: Patriots – Tom Brady vs. Jaguars

Colts at Chiefs

James: Colts – The Chiefs won’t be able to stop this playoff bound Colts team.

Chase: Colts – Chiefs will fight, and it will be a tougher fight than expected.

Brandon: Colts – They should bounce back from their disappointing lose this past week to the Texans.

Bills at Dolphins

James: Dolphins – The Bills got the best of the Dolphins last time, but I don’t expect the same result.

Chase: Dolphins – Miami’s playoff hopes will continue.

Brandon: Dolphins – Miami is coming off a huge win this past week against the Jaguars and should keep it up this week against the Bills.

Redskins at Eagles

James: Redskins – RG3’s return will be too much for the Eagles to handle.

Chase: Redskins – This RG3 juice is pretty good you should try it.

Brandon: Redskins – Washington is playing great even without RGIII.

Bengals at Steelers

James: Bengals – The Bengals finally put themselves over the Steelers and get themselves to a playoff berth.

Chase: Bengals – The one and a half man offense will beat this inconsistent defense.

Brandon: Bengals – Even with the return of Big Ben the Steelers cannot manage to get a win.

Rams at Buccaneers

James: Rams – The Bucs players and coaches are not on the same page right now, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Chase: Rams – This is a toss up game, both teams are inconsisten at times. I will go with the Rams.

Brandon: Buccaneers – Should be able to bounce back this week after losing terribly to the Saints.

Browns at Broncos

James: Broncos – Will Peyton Manning hold off Adrian Peterson for the MVP award? If he will, he needs to do great this game, and I think he will.

Chase: Broncos – The Browns youth against a top team will be too much of a problem for them.

Brandon: Broncos – Peyton Manning and company are playing way too good to lose to the Browns.

Bears at Cardinals

James: Bears – If the Bears lose this game, they can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

Chase: Bears – “They are who we thought they were and we let em’ off the hook”- Dennis Green. Bears will play fired up.

Brandon: Bears – They should be able to come up with the win against a poor Arizona team.

49ers at Seahawks

James: Seahawks – I’m going with this upset here, but I have a good feeling the Seahawks will win this game in a close one.

Chase: 49ers – This is a great game for Sunday night, as the 49ers and Seahawks will beat each other senseless before any of them just gives up

Brandon: 49ers – Both teams have been looking great lately. San Francisco is the better team and should come out with the win.

Last Week: 

James: 10-6               Chase: 12-4             Brandon: 10-6

Season Records:

James: 140-83-1     Chase: 131-92-1    Brandon: 141-82-1




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