How the playoff picture looks after Week 15

NFL Week 15 Playoff picture - AFC NFL Week 15 Playoff picture - NFC

In the NFC East, you have a 3-Way log jam with the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants at 8-6 with the Redskins in the driver’s seat. Here’s how the rest of the season look for the three teams…

REDSKINS – @Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas at home.

COWBOYS – New Orleans Saints at home and @Washington Redskins.

GIANTS – @Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles at home.

Congrats to the Green Bay Packers for clinching the NFC North division in Week 15
with a 21-13 win over the Bears in Chicago.  Now we have the Bears and the Minnesota Vikings fighting to get into the playoffs; they are both at 8-6 with the Vikings in the driver’s seat.  Here’s how the rest of their season look like…

BEARS – @Arizona Cardinals and @Detroit Lions

VIKINGS – @Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers at home.

It is almost clear-cut in the AFC on who’s going to the playoffs.  The Steelers shot themselves in the foot with the 24-27 loss to the Cowboys in OT; it will be a tough battle between them and the Cincinnati Bengals with the last two season games.

STEELERS – Bengals at home and Cleveland at home.

BENGALS – @Steelers and Baltimore at home.

Believe me, the playoff picture will change some more before the end of the season.

Just watch.

Written by – Arnold Glass II – AFC West Writer



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