NFL teams in need of a QB next season

Geno Smith is the projected number 1 QB prospect this year

Geno Smith is the projected number 1 QB prospect this year

The NFL is a quarterback driven league, and there is no question there are a lot of teams looking for a new Quarterback this off-season and through the draft. The Buffalo Bills’ owner said today they might have to trade up to get there QB in the upcoming NFL Draft. Not to mention this year in free agency some QBs themselves might move onto a new home.

NFL Top 5 QB Prospects
1. Geno Smith
2. Matt Barkley
3. Tyler Wilson
4. Mike Glennon
5. Tyler Bray*

Other notable talents- Collin Klein, EJ Manuel, Aaron Murray*, Ryan Nassib

*= Still have one year left of College eligibility and can choose to stay instead of going into the draft.

In all honesty, when you look at this quarterback class it is not very strong. Mike Glennon might be the one who could shine from this class with the right team and system. This QB draft class is weak and won’t be as big as last years class. Geno has the capabilities and skill sets to become a Russell Wilson type player, who with a coach that can build a good system around him can allow him to shine and maybe have some success. Barkley, though, is a huge question mark as his level of play this season didn’t translate to success like last season. Of course this is before combines, so maybe its too early to grade these future rookies. Lets see about notable NFL QBs in today’s league that are free agents.

Top 5 Free agent NFL QBs
1. Joe Flacco
2. Jason Campbell
3. Matt Moore
4. Brady Quinn
5. Vince Young

You know this list is bad when I have a QB not playing in the league right now on this list. Wait though there is more that can be added to this list that can make the QB situation interesting. With rumors of Michael Vick leaving Philidelphia a team might be interested in his service to get the veteran. Let’s not forget Alex Smith who might part ways with 49ers since he is no longer a guaranteed starter over there, and I am pretty sure people will be happy to know yes Tim Tebow could be a free agent. Now lets look at the teams that need a QB and who they will get.

Buffalo Bills- The Bills last year saw some glimmer of brilliance last year in Ryan Fitzpatrick. He looked so good the Buffalo Bills decided to offer him a contract that the Harvard graduate couldn’t say no to. The Bills soon to realize Fitzpatrick is not so good as Fitzpatrick level of play dropped heavily, and early this season with the re-signing of star wide receiver Stevey Johnson they hoped it will help Fitz grow into a better player.  Even though with the talent around him Fitzpatrick has been putting up some good stats for the Bills, but not the wins needed for them to be a successful team to break the mold and make it to the playoffs. When you look at the Bills talent you know they can be a deadly team. When healthy Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller provide a great one two punch for the Bills running game. Tight End Scott Chandler is a big brute that can catch, and not to mention the ever so quick Stevey Johnson. Fitz should have no problem getting some wins that hopefully can lead to some success. Sadly nope as Fitz keeps making poor decisions early, and down the stretch. So who should the Bills get.

The Bills pick up: Matt Barkley from the draft

Yep I am choosing the golden boy from southern California to be the new quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Barkley is a good decision maker, and has a great deep ball. With a little work added to him, and maybe providing some talent in the wide receiver position. Barkley could actually take the Bills to a playoffs. It may take a couple of years before it happens but rest assure Barkley is a good young option to try out especially if the Bills are looking for a young player at the position.

Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars have one of the most talented skill positions in the league. Runningback Maurice Jones Drew, Wide Receivers Justin Blackmon, Laurent Robinson, and Cecil Shorts III, Tight End Mercedes Lewis. So why don’t they have success? Okay besides offensive line problems it is Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert is just not a good young prospect he is suppose to be. In all honesty I feel Gabbert just loves the fame he gets as an NFL QB then playing the game itself. Gabbert though could be improved, but I feel you need to push him to get the mechanics to get working. So how will Jacksonville handle this situation… easy.

The Jaguars pick up: Tim Tebow through free agency

Yep, Tim Tebow will be coming home to Florida and they could really use his unique talents. There is no doubt Tebow is a winner. Sure he is not the NFL QB type of player people look at, but Tebow does have some skills that could help the Jags by a lot. Tebow and MJD could add an option game to the Jaguars play book, not to mention you have great deep route runners in Robinson, and Blackmon. If that does not work Tebow could just dinky dump the ball to Shorts, and Shorts can do all the work while Tebow looks like a god. Plus in the AFC South you need to keep up to pace with the lot of teams in the division.  Plus besides the Texans, and possibly the Titans, what other teams in the AFC south are good enough to take down Tebow? Go for Tebow. Also guarantee ticket sales will go up ten times.

Kansas City Chiefs- Matt Cassel was suppose to be the future. The back up QB coming from New England lead the Chiefs to the playoffs. The Chiefs really felt that they got the guy who will make the Chiefs into a legit threat in football. Yet that wasn’t the case, Cassel has downgraded and now plays back up to Brady Quinn. The problem with the Chiefs is that they look like they are going to rebuild. So trying to convince a veteran to come play with them will be hard to do, especially if the veteran wants to start and win. So what will the Chiefs do, they have to force one from the draft to play for them.

The Chiefs pick up: Geno Smith through the draft


If Kansas City wants to keep there fans’ interested in them, and if they want a rebuilding process to be successful they can’t pass up on Geno Smith. Geno is a great athlete, and throws a pretty deep ball. There is no way in hell the Chiefs should miss on the opportunity to pick up the future of the franchise. It may take a while but Smith will provide the Chiefs not only the interest of there fans, but let’s face it maybe the entire league if Smith plays really well. The Chiefs can’t mess this one up. I won’t be surprised if they do and they draft Jarvus Jones OLB or Manti T’eo MLB for no reason.

Minnesota Vikings- Okay the Vikings are not really a team that needs one super bad, but in all honesty, Ponder is playing bad right now. Also, the Vikings classic hand off to Adrian Peterson won’t work forever. Do people not realize you get a legit Quarterback behind the Vikings and how good this team is. This team is loaded with some of the best talent in the NFL on offense, and defense. So why are the Vikings not ultra successful? The Quarterback is not doing his job and isn’t playing at a great level what so ever, and his back up is nothing to brag about.  So what will the Vikings do? Well this will take some imagination so bare with me on this and here it goes.

The Vikings pick up- Mike Glennon from the draft.

Belk Bowl - Louisville v North Carolina State

Yep now Glennon obviously won’t be the Viking’s  first rounder, but he will be one of the saps they get in the third round. So with this how it will play out. The Vikings will be playing a big game against Chicago. Ponder will be having a suck job late in the 4th causing the Bears to pick him off for the third time. The Vikings get the ball back, and with this enters Mike Glennon. Glennon will come in and shock the world as he defeats the Chicago Bears and with this the Vikings find a QB for them to use. Unlike Ponder; Glennon knows what a deep ball is, and he knows how to facilitate the football to other players. Glennon will either be a good pick up or a big bust for the Vikings if they do get him, but don’t worry in two years Viking fans I got two words for you listen up these are good ones… Johnny Football.

New York Jets- Do I really need to go deep into this one? The Jets franchise QB is nicknamed “Butt Fumble” by his own fanbase. The man has not showed what he is capable of being a leader or a starter. The Jets are a total mess and clearly show they have no control with this man. So who will they get, well this one may seem too logical.

The Jets pick up: Alex Smith through Trade or Free Agency.

images (8)

This one makes to much sense for me even to think the Jets will do it. I mean a good offensive line, good talent in receivers, and a good defense at times. It may feel all too similar for Alex Smith. We all know Rex Ryan knows nothing about offense so Sparano will just simplify the offense. Though this seems too logical that the Jets might not do this and might end up picking up Michael Vick in the end, or even worse stick with “Buttfumble”.

Arizona Cardinals- Oh god there is no doubt this team is in need of a Quarterback. Especially one that can throw to the monster known as Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals are just as bad as the Lions a couple years ago with the quarterback situation. Ryan Lindley, Kevin Kolb, and John Skelton have all started for this team this year. Last year this team went on and made a big move. Giving up Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kevin Kolb. Kolb showed nothing and kept getting injured so in came Skelton. Skelton looked good near the end of the season even beating the rival San Francisco 49ers. So heading into the offseason there was a QB controversy. Kolb won, and then lost the starting job due to injury. Skelton came in as the starter and then ended up losing it too injury while Kolb found little success then got injured again. After that came Skelton, and all of a sudden, here comes Ryan Lindle… Yeah and you wonder why the Cardinals are having such a horrendous time right now. Just like the Vikings,this team is stacked very talented with a legit QB they can do well. So what will the Cardinals do. Who will save the Arizona Cardinals and become the one to actually bring success to this team.

The Cardinals pick up- Collin Klein through the draft


Yep, Optimus Klein will be the future of Arizona. Yeah scouts and people will tell you that his throwing is a question, but this year he has shown to me at least that he can throw the football good enough to get the job done. Also, when you look at the NFC West you need a dynamic type quarterback too really get in the heads of the teams. The defenses in the NFC West are no doubt brutes in the NFL, but if you get someone like Optimus Klein into the mix with his power, size, and brute force in there, it could cause a lot of problems, plus his throwing mechanics are not all that bad. So, to be honest, Arizona will pick up Klein in the second round and will not regret a minute of it.


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