NFL Week 15 Power Rankings

Patriots 2


The Patriots demolished the Texans and put everyone on notice in the process. 

1. Patriots (10-3) – The Patriots have won seven straight and are once again playing the best football in the NFL.

2. Broncos (10-3) – Peyton Manning is having an MVP-caliber season and is propelling the Broncos to a possible Super Bowl appearance.

3. Falcons (11-2) – For a team with the nest record in the NFC, it’s inexcusable to lose to a team with one of the worst records.

4. 49ers (9-3-1) – Colin Kaepernick refound himself this week against the Dolphins. He needs to continue to do well, or we could see the return of Alex Smith.

5. Texans (11-2) – The Texans secondary has been horrible for the last four weeks. They can’t expect to win in the playoffs with that secondary.

6. Giants (8-5) – Those are the Giants we know and love. If David Wilson can become consistent, watch out.

7. Packers (8-5) – Aaron Rodgers wasn’t even the reason the Lions beat the Lions. That shows me the others are starting to contribute for the Packers.

8. Ravens (9-4) – Losing to Kirk Cousins worries me about the Ravens’ ability to play well when it counts.

9. Bears (8-5) – The Bears are once again in free-fall. Can Lovie Smith put a stop to it?

10. Seahawks (8-5) – A dominating divisional victory by the Seahawks has me locking them in for the playoffs.

11. Colts (9-4) – The Colts can win close games. That’s a valuable asset going down the road.

12. Redskins (7-6) – I’m starting to buy into the Redskins as NFC East contenders. However, I think they’ll need RG3 healthy to do so.

13. Cowboys (7-6) – The Cowboys stayed in the NFC East hunt with a huge win over Cincinnati. However, they still have a tough schedule upcoming.

14. Vikings (7-6) – Adrian Peterson is the Comeback Player of the Year, but if he breaks the rushing record, he could be my MVP.

15. Steelers (7-6) – Big Ben was rusty against the Chargers. He better knock that rust off before the Steelers find themselves on the outside looking in.

16. Bengals (7-6) – Andy Dalton and co. had a chance to be sitting in wildcard spot and control their own fate. Now they find themselves in a sticky situation.

17. Rams (6-6-1) – The Rams finishing with a wining record this season would be a great thing for the organization.

18. Buccaneers (6-7) – A win would have helped, but the loss to the Eagles ends their playoff hopes.

19. Browns (5-8) – That’s right. The Browns are at this position. They’ve won four straight and have something going.

20. Saints (5-8) – The Saints rest here because of talent and talent alone.

21. Jets (6-7) – there’s been a lot of Jets playoff talks lately. I have a feeling they’ll find a way to choke not one, not two, but ALL THREE of their remaining games.

22. Chargers (5-8) – December has rolled around, and the Chargers have woken up. Too little, too late.

23. Dolphins (5-8) – They’ll go forward with Tannehill, but he hasn’t been looking very good lately.

24. Lions (4-9) – They really had a chance to upset the Packers. Instead, they look forward to 2013.

25. Bills (5-8) – The big offseason hasn’t equated to a big season for the Bills.

26. Titans (4-9) – -The Titans offensive line has given up which is giving Locker and CJ no room to work.

27. Panthers (4-9) – At least they beat the NFC’s best team on Sunday.

28. Eagles (4-9) –  The Eagles offensive line finally gave Foles enough time to deliver the football. They may keep him over Vick after all.

29. Raiders (3-10) – The last three teams on this list are just all so bad the Raiders move up this week.

30. Jaguars (2-11) – Chad Henne is back to being bad which isn’t good for the Jaguars.

31. Chiefs (2-11) – Brady Quinn is….better.

31. Cardinals (4-9) – 58-0. They haven’t won a game since September 30th.



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