NFL Week 15 Picks


Bengals at Eagles

James: Bengals – The Eagles got a surprising win last week, but the Bengals will pull through with their playoff hopes in rouble

Chase: Bengals – The Eagles big win won’t last long.

Brandon: Bengals – They should bounce back from a last second lose to the Cowboys. The Eagles are still a weak team despite their when against the Bucs.

Giants at Falcons

James: Giants – This is going to be a great game to watch. I think Eli finds a way to pull through in the 4th. 

Chase: Giants – They looked hot against the Saints, this won’t be an easy one, but they will get the win.

Brandon: Giants – The Giants looked great this past week against the Saints and shouldn’t stop this week against the Falcons.

Broncos at Ravens

James: Broncos – The Ravens are stumbling into the playoffs.

Chase: Broncos – Not even the great Ray Lewis can save this defense.

Brandon: Broncos – Peyton Manning’s MVP season will continue against the Ravens.

Packers at Bears

James: Packers – Jay Cutler’s health is up in the air, and Jason Campbell has proven that he’s unable to win in this offense.

Chase: Packers – No Urlacher, no chance for the Bears.

Brandon: Packers – The Bears looks really weak against the Vikings while the Packers looked great against the Lions.  The Packers should win this one.

Redskins at Browns

James: Redskins – The Redskins are legitimately in the race for the NFC East and won’t lose this one.

Chase: Redskins – Still on the RG3 juice.

Brandon: Browns – Redskins should win this one but I am going with the upset. Cleveland looked great these past couple weeks even with the two games against the Ravens and Cowboys.

Colts at Texans

James: Texans – Andrew Luck’s going to need a big day to beat this Texans team.

Chase: Texans – They will redeem themselves this game.

Brandon: Colts – Andrew Luck and company are looking great this season.

Jaguars at Dolphins

James: Dolphins – Expect a big game from the Miami running backs.

Chase: Dolphins – The Jaguars are a mess

Brandon: Dolphins – Miami has had two back to back games against top teams. They should be able to get past the Jaguars.

Buccaneers at Saints

James: Saints – I expect the Saints to push the Buccaneers out of the playoff hunt.

Chase: Buccaneers – I feel the Bucs will get revenge in the Superdome.

Brandon: Buccaneers – Should have a good game against the struggling Saints.

Vikings at Rams

James: Rams – The Rams have been doing what’s necessary to win games lately. I expect that to continue.

Chase: Vikings – The Rams little win streak will end against Minnesota

Brandon: Vikings – Adrian Peterson should have another 100 plus yard game and the Vikings defense stepped up big against the Bears getting 2 interceptions.

Lions at Cardinals

James: Lions – 58-0. Wow. Will the Cardinals win another game in 2012?

Chase: Lions – Best bad team in football should beat a very bad team.

Brandon: Lions – The Cardinals still look very bad last week and should keep it up against the Lions.

Seahawks at Bills 

James: Seahawks – This game is in Toronto, but the Seahawks have too much momentum after a 58-0 victory.

Chase: Bills – Seattle on the road not so hot

Brandon: Seahawks – Seattle is playing great lately while the Bills are still a struggling team. Expect a big win by Seattle.

Panthers at Chargers

James: Chargers – Philip Rivers is playing for his job and won’t lose it.

Chase: Panthers – Superman will have his hands full with Chargers D, but he should take advantage of poor secondary.

Brandon: Panthers – Cam Newton is once again playing how he should have all year. He will lead them past the Chargers.

Steelers at Cowboys

James: Steelers – Big Ben should bounce back in a big way against the inconsistent Dallas Cowboys.

Chase: Cowboys – The Cowboys are going to keep Ben contained

Brandon: Cowboys – Even with Big Ben back the Steelers weren’t able to get things going against the Chargers.

Chiefs at Raiders

James: Raiders -Cardon Palmer should have no trouble with this Chiefs’ secondary

Chase: Raiders – Carson’s random good game will be tonight

Brandon: Raiders – Both teams are looking pathetic this year, but Raiders should come out with the win.

49ers at Patriots

James: Patriots – Bill Belicheck will have some trickery in store for first year starter Colin Kaepernick

Chase: 49ers – Patriots say hi to a good defense. My Super Bowl preview here.

Brandon: Patriots – Tom Brady looked unstoppable this week against one of the best defenses

Jets at Titans

James: Titans – The Jets will have trouble against Chris Johnson and the re-emerged Titans pass rush.

Chase: Titans – Snoozer Monday night game. Titans should end the Jets dream of postseason some how

Brandon: Titans – Both teams aren’t having the best season, but the Titans are the better team and should win on MNF.

Last Week:

James: 11-5                 Chase: 10-6                 Brandon: 9-7

Season Records:

James: 130-77-1      Chase: 119-88-1        Brandon: 131-76-1



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