NFL Head Coaches That Should Be Fired

Reid and Garrett

Some NFL Head Coaches have been able to come into the league and lead their team to success. Others aren’t so lucky. Some coaches just aren’t able to have success in the NFL, whether it be due to lack of talent, inability to inspire, etc. I am a believer that the Head Coach position is a huge part of a team’s success. A Head Coach should do whatever it takes to get his team ready for the upcoming game. If a Coach cannot do that, there is no reason they should stay at that position. I believe a  lot of current Head Coaches have overstayed their welcome. They’ve shown an inability to coach at an efficient level, and it would be best for team to move on.

Norv Turner – San Diego Chargers

Norv Turner started off very well as Head Coach for the Chargers, winning the AFC West three years in a row. The Chargers were also able to win three playoff games, and they even made an AFC Championship appearance in Norv’s first year. However, the last two years have been disappointing for the Chargers. After the beginning the 2011 season with a 4-1 record, the Chargers would go on to lose six straight games. A similar story has taken place in 2012 as the Chargers started 3-1, but they currently face a 4-8 record. With the talent this team possesses, it’s unbelievable the Chargers haven’t been able to perform to their capabilities. That falls on the Head Coach.

Jason Garrett – Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett took over as interim head coach for the last eight games of the Cowboys’ 2010 season, and the Cowboys played well. They went 5-3 under Jason Garrett and were expected to contend for the NFC East in 2011. The Cowboys finished one game away from winning the NFC East, but they could have helped themselves by winning some key games down the stretch. Poor game management contributed to the Cowboys going 1-4 for the last four games of the season. In 2012, Garrett still displays a lack of “know-how” when it comes to making big decisions, and this was most clearly evidenced by the Cowboys’ loss to the Ravens when Garrett should have had a better idea of what he wanted his team to do on the final drive.

Andy Reid – Philadelphia Eagles

This is another example of a Head Coach having enough talent, but not being able to get the job done. After putting together monstrous talent, the Eagles were expected to be a Super Bowl contending team. They are nowhere close. They currently sit at a 3-9 record, and they are on pace for Reid’s worst coached team. The fact that Reid has his job at this very moment is astounding to me.

Chan Gailey – Buffalo Bills

One word can be used to describe Chan Gailey’s run with the Buffalo Bills. Bad. The Bills have been last in the AFC West for the past two seasons and look to be fourth once again. Gailey’s been much help to the offense at times, but his team struggles mightily on defense. He shows no motivation skills and that’s more than necessary when coaching. Gailey needs to get rid of his defensive coordinator soon, or it could be Gailey that’s out the door.

Ron Rivera – Carolina Panthers

Belive it or not, the Panthers have actually regressed from the 2011 season, especially on offense. Cam Newton had one of the best rookie years of all time in 2011, but he’s struggling in 2012. Without the offense playing up to form, I’ve been taking a hard look at the defense. The talent is definitely there, but they just can’t get better. They even at times appear to be worse than they were in 2011, and that mainly falls on Rivera. Rivera has been revered as a defensive minded coach, but when his unit doesn’t perform up to par, it puts too much pressure on the young QB Cam Newton.

Ken Whisenhunt – Arizona Cardinals

There was a brief time when it appeared that the Cardinals were playoff bound. They were 4-0 and recently upset the New England Patriots. Oh, how things have changed. Whisenhunt’s field of expertise is offense, but the offense is what’s struggling the most. There seems to be a new quarterback starting every week for the Cardinals, and the offensive line has been one of the worst in the league. The Cardinals have now lost 8 straight games, and Whisenhunt hasn’t made the necessary adjustments to save his team.



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