NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

John Fox Cheese

1. Falcons (11-1) – A lot of people were expecting the Falcons to be a little complacent against the Saints, but they should why they are the real deal this year.

2. Texans (11-1) – Matt Schaub is giving the Texans what they need at QB, but the secondary is becoming concerning.

3. Broncos (9-3) – The Broncos have now won 7 straight as Peyton Manning is putting the finishing touches on his MVP season.

4. Patriots (9-3) – The win wasn’t as clean as you’d want it to be for a Super Bowl team, but the Patriots keep getting it done.

5. Ravens (9-3) – The Ravens would have sealed the deal with a win, but they weren’t able to hold of Charlie Batch, which raises some questions especially if Suggs is out for the remainder of the season.

6. 49ers (8-3-1) – The 49ers have to play with a little more urgency if they want to keep the 2nd seed in the NFC.

7. Packers (8-4) – The Packers are once again playing great football. They better hope the injury to Jordy Nelson doesn’t affect their passing attack.

8. Bears (8-4) – The Bears have now lost their hold of the NFC North, and they better regain it quick because the Packers are playing great right now.

9. Giants (7-5) – The Giants love taking a midseason nap, but we all know what they can do late season and in the postseason.

10. Colts (8-4) – Andrew Luck’s brilliant game-winning drive puts him in the lead for Rookie of the Year and puts the Colts as a virtual playoff lock.

11. Bengals (7-5) – The Bengals are now in an intense heat with the Steelers for the sixth seed. Something tells me they’ll get it.

12. Seahawks (7-5) – That’s the Seahawks team we’re used to seeing. With three out of four very winnable games coming up, the Seahawks looked poised for the 6th seed in the NFC.

13. Steelers (7-5) – Charlie Batch helped hold off the Bengals for one week, but if Big Ben can’t play, can he do it again?

14. Redskins (6-6) – RG3 and Alfred Morris are carrying this Redskins team to contention in the NFC East. However, I just don’t see them getting it.

15. Buccaneers (6-6) – The last two losses have been commendable, but they hinder the Bucs chances of making the playoffs in 2012.

16. Cowboys (6-6) – It’s not be pretty, but the Cowboys are still winning and are in the mix for the NFC East.

17. Vikings (6-6) – I don’t see the Vikings making the playoffs this year, but if Ponder keeps up his recent play, I could see a QB change.

18. Rams (5-6-1) – The Rams have not lost in the NFC West going 4-0-1 this year.

19. Saints (5-7) – When the schedule gets harder, the Saints show a lack of determination.

20. Dolphins (5-7) – The Dolphins benefit from the rest of the teams on these rankings being so inconsistent.

21. Lions (4-8) – The Lions hold this position because of talent alone.

22. Bills (5-7) – At least they have a powerful tandem in Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller.

23. Chargers (4-8) – The Chargers have lost 7 of their past 8 games. Why does Norv Turner still have a job?

24. Titans (4-8) – The Titans offensive line woes and dropped balls forced Jake Locker into having to scramble to make plays. That’s not winning football.

25. Jets (5-7) – Sanchez? Tebow? McElroy? What the hell is going on in New York?

26. Browns (4-8) – Brandon Weeden is still terrible, but he’s been winning.

27. Cardinals (4-8) – Will the Cardinals win another games this season?

28. Chiefs (2-10) – The Chiefs make a major jump after showing what they were capable of after the unfortunate death of Jovan Belcher.

29. Panthers (3-9) – Oh, Panthers. Where art Thou?

30. Raiders (3-9) – WE WANT PRYOR! WE WANT PRYOR!

31. Eagles (3-9) – That’s right Eagles fans. This is where you are.

32. Jaguars (2-10) – The Jags have pulled our their draft board.



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