NFL Week 14 Picks

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck led a great game winning drive against the Lions In Week 13 to put him in the driver’s seat for Rookie of the Year.

Broncos at Raiders

James: Broncos – The Raiders’ loss to the Browns shows why their one of the league’s worst.

Chase: Broncos – Still waiting on that random good game by Palmer, maybe its against the Broncos? Naa, Broncos will win.

Brandon: Broncos – Peyton Manning is putting together an MVP season.

Rams at Bills

James: Rams – I expect a big game from Rams RBs Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson.

Chase: Bills – Rams are a tough football team. Bills, though, have been playing a really good level of football as of late.

Brandon: Rams – They have been looking really good lately and should keep it up against the Bills.

Falcons at Panthers

James: Falcons – I find it hard to believe the Panthers will find a way to win this one.

Chase: Falcons – Carolina could keep it close, but ATL when healthy looks too good to be stopped.

Brandon: Falcons – Their defense stepped up big against Drew Brees.

Cowboys at Bengals

James: Bengals – The Bengals will win this one to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Chase: Cowboys – The defense should hold off this one and a half man offense.

Brandon: Bengals – Andy Dalton is having a great a season.

Chiefs at Browns

James: Browns – Browns QB Brandon Weeden has shown growing consistency over the past couple of week.

Chase: Browns – Hearts out there for all you in KC.

Brandon: Browns – This team has improved a lot from the beginning of the year and are going against a weak Chiefs team.

Titans at Colts

James: Colts – Andrew Luck is playing like an NFL veteran right now.

Chase: Colts – Titans will keep it close, but Luck is too clutch.

Brandon: Colts – The Titans have been too inconsistent this season and are going against Andrew Luck who is having a Rookie of the year season.

Jets at Jaguars

James: Jets – Benching Sanchez will open up this offense.

Chase: Jets – Jaguars are awful

Brandon: Jaguars – The Jets were only able to put up 7 points against the Cardinals.

Bears at Vikings

James: Bears – I expect a repeat of their meeting that was two weeks ago.

Chase: Bears – Vikings will battle, but the Bears will be too much to handle.

Brandon: Bears – Christian Ponder showed us once again he cannot show up when it matters most.

Chargers at Steelers

James: Chargers – Big Ben will probably be back, but he’ll be rusty because of his ailing shoulder injury.

Chase: Steelers – Big Ben alert? San Diego is in trouble

Brandon: Steelers – Big Ben returning will lead the Steelers past the Chargers

Eagles at Buccaneers

James: Buccaneers – The Bucs need to win this one to stay in the hunt.

Chase: Buccaneers – Tampa will beat this desperate Eagles team.

Brandon: Buccaneers – Eagles still cannot get things going.

Ravens at Redskins

James: Ravens – RG3 will meet the vaunted Ravens defense.

Chase: Redskins – I’m on the RG3 juice, if Charlie Batch looked good against this Ravens team why not RG3?

Brandon: Redskins – They had a good game this past week against the Giants and RG3 should lead them past the Ravens.

Dolphins at 49ers

James: 49ers – Jim Harbaugh will have his team ready after another disappointing game against the Rams.

Chase: 49ers – Jim Harbaugh has a tough decision too make for the QB position, but regardless they will win

Brandon: 49ers – Should bounce back from surprising loss to the Rams.

Saints at Giants

James: Giants –  The Giants offense looked very stagnant against the Redskins, but I expect them to be much better against the Saints.

Chase: Saints – Desperate Drew Brees and crew will slide by the champs

Brandon: Saints – Should be able to win if they can work on the miscues that cost them the game against the Falcons.

Cardinals at Seahawks

James: Seahawks – Russell Wilson led a great game winning drive to win the game in OT last week and should have no problem beating the Cardinals.

Chase: Cardinals – I feel Arizona will come in and stick it too Seattle

Brandon: Seahawks – The Cardinals once against looked bad last week while the Seahawks took down the Bears in OT.

Lions at Packers

James: Packers – Aaron Rodgers is ready to take the NFC North from the Bears and a win against the Lions gets them closer.

Chase: Packers – Lions will get a ton of yards, but the Pack will hold them off

Brandon: Packers – The Lions still aren’t good enough to put away the Packers.

Texans at Patriots

James: Patriots – This is going to be a test for the Texans against a high powered offense. Last time they faced a high-powered offense? A 42-17 loss to the Packers.

Chase: Patriots – Texans are not good when facing a high powered offense. Until they beat a team that has one, I can’t call them the best team.

Brandon: Texans – Tom Brady wasn’t able to get things going this past week and should have trouble against the Texans defense.

Last Week:

James: 9-7                  Chase: 9-7                  Brandon: 9-7

Season Records:

James: 119-72-1     Chase: 109-82-1       Brandon: 122-69-1



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