2012 BCS College football bowl predictions

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2012 Discover BCS Championship:  1. Notre Dame vs 2. Alabama
Date: Jan. 7, 8:30 pm E.T.  ESPN
Game Rating: 5/5

Prediction: Notre Dame; The fighting Irsh will take on the Crimson Tide.  This game will get a lot of hype too it. Two outstanding programs in college football history going at it. This game will be an old school showdown. I really feel though Alabama doesn’t have enough to stop the Irish and the Irish have been a tough team all year long, so I got Notre Dame winning.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: 4. Oregon vs 5. Kansas St.
Date: Jan. 3, 8:30 pm E.T. ESPN
Game Rating: 5/5

Prediction: Oregon; This was a match up not too long ago that people were discussing as a national title game. Now we are going to get this great game as a bowl game and I can say that I’m pretty satisfied. This will be a great game with a lot of high scoring and explosive plays. Defense will be present in this game, but I don’t think it will be the difference. Kansas St. can cause turnovers, but Oregon to me is a much better Baylor and will cause K-State troubles.

All State Sugar Bowl: 3. Florida vs Louisville
Date: Jan. 2, 8:30 pm E.T. ESPN
Game Rating: 4/5

Prediction: Florida; Louisville will be facing a tough Florida team. Not to mention the fact the Gators will be coming out with a great performance to prove there just as good, if not better, than Alabama. Louisville could surprise some fans, but they haven’t faced a team like Florida and their tough defense.

Discover Orange Bowl: 13. Florida State vs 15. Northern Illinois
Date: Jan. 1, 8:30 pm E.T. ESPN
Game Rating: 3/5

Prediction: Florida State; This game will have an underdog story feel too it. A lot of fans were probably upset with this pick of Northern Illinois. No doubt they are the underdog and this will be a story no matter what. Florida State just has too many weapons and depth. Florida State better not sleep on this game. They very well could lose.

Rose Bowl game presented by Vizio: 6. Stanford vs Wisconsin
Date: Jan 1, 5:00 pm E.T. ESPN
Game Rating: 3/5

Prediction: Wisconsin; Call this an upset for me. I really feel Wisconsin has a good enough defense and offense to defeat this Stanford team. Stanford’s defense is tough and should slow down Wisconsin’s rushing attack, but this is another old school type battle of football, but I feel the upset coming and Wisconsin winning this football game.

So those are my predictions for the major bowl games stay tuned as I will give my full on predictions for all the bowl games.  So tell me which bowl game are you looking forward to the most?



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