NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

1. Falcons (10-1) – Some people don’t like the fact that the Falcons are winning close, but that shows me they can finally win in high-pressure situations

2. 49ers (8-2-1) – Colin Kaepernick has this 49ers team playing some great football.

3. Texans (10-1) – The Texans haven’t been impressing me for four weeks now. They have to find that defensive fire again.

4. Ravens (9-2) – The experts don’t buy into the Ravens, but I do. The defense has been holding up without Ray Lewis and Ladarius Webb and Flacco is going threw his yearly slump.

5. Bears (8-3) – When Jay Cutler plays, the Bears are almost impossible to beat.

6. Patriots (8-3) – This Patriots offense is looking more and more deadly every week, but I think their recent schedule has us jumping the gun on their Super Bowl chances.

7. Broncos (8-3) – Peyton Manning is leading this team to great things.

8. Giants (7-4) – The Giants came off the bye week strong by whooping the Packers on national television. That was a Super Bowl team.

9. Packers (7-4) – When Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play GREAT, this Packers team just isn’t even good.

10. Bengals (6-5) – Andy Dalton and AJ Green have this team moving in the right direction.

11. Colts (7-4) – They found a way to win, but their schedule is deceiving people,

12. Buccaneers (6-5) – They put up a very valiant effor against the NFC’s best team, but they weren’t able to get the job done.

13. Seahawks (6-5) – The Seahawks took a nap against the Dolphins, allowing the Bucs to reenter the playoff seeding.

14. Saints (5-6) – They lost to the 49ers, but they are still very much in the hunt for the last NFC wild card.

15. Steelers (6-5) – The Steelers need Big Ben soon, or they won’t make the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

16. Redskins (5-6) – If RG3 can pull off a win against the Giants in Week 13, I’ll buy the Redskins as playoff contenders.

17. Vikings (6-5) – The Vikings’ fears of losing to the Bears came true, making me wonder if they can deal with the tough schedule coming up.

18. Cowboys (5-6) – As usual, the Cowboys disappointed in a high-pressure game.

19. Dolphins (5-6) – The Dolphins showed they’re not ready to die and roll over just yet.

20. Rams (4-6-1) – Jeff Fisher’s club probably won’t make the playoffs, but if Sam Bradford can continue to improve, they’ll be a threat soon enough.

21. Lions (4-7) – A win vs. the Texans could be been a season changer, but they couldn’t get the job done.

22. Chargers (4-7) – 4th and 29. Nuff said.

23. Titans (4-7) – Firing offensive coordinator Chris Palmer was the right move by Mike Munchak. Next on the list, defensive coordinator Jerry Gray.

24. Bills (4-7) – It’s time to shake things up in Buffalo.

25. Jets (4-7) – GM Mike Tannebaum is a ticking time bomb right now.

26. Cardinals (4-7) – They’ve now lost seven straight, and Ryan Lindley is not the answer.

27. Browns (3-8) – The Browns have saved their chances of having the number one pick. Is that a good thing or bad thing?

28. Panthers (3-8) – Cam Newton played very well, but it was against the disastrous Eagles team.

29. Eagles (3-8) – The Eagles have become one of the worst teams in the NFL.

30. Raiders (3-8) – Dennis Allen needs to give Terrelle Pryor a chance before he loses his head coaching job.

31. Jaguars (2-9) – Chad Henne has this Jaguars offense clicking.

32. Chiefs (1-10) – Ugh, the Chiefs.



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