Sean Taylor: 5 years gone but not forgotten

Five years ago on this day we lost one of the NFL’s brightest young stars in Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor. Sean Taylor was murdered when a man tried to rob his house in Florida. Sean Taylor was a player that had to deal with a lot of turmoil in his life as a professional. When he left the University of Miami, and was drafted by the Redskins there were legal issues that labeled him as a “off the field issue”; although Sean was very productive both in his rookie and sophomore years. Some people thought the great prospect out of Miami wouldn’t be able to become a great star with some of his antics.

Sean proved them wrong. In Sean’s 2006 campaign his third year in the league he started to get the praise on the field from his coaches, and his team mates. Taylor total stats in 2006 were 129 tackle, 1 interception, and 3 forced fumbles. The presence of him on that field made him into a legit threat for a lot teams, and for all his hardwork Sean Taylor was voted into the 2006 pro bowl earning the respect from a lot fans, and league officials.

As the 2007 season rolled around Sean Taylor was getting a lot of praise from his team mates. Many felt Sean had changed, and grown up since the birth of his daughter Jackie. Sports Illustrated labeled Sean as “the hardest hitting player in the league”. Too me that is a big accomplishment especially when you have safeties such as Darren Sharper, Troy Polomalu, and Ed Reed a compliment like that should go wonders. Sean Taylor before the season was moved to the Free Safety position. Taylor was still producing at a great level and was tied for the most interceptions in the NFC before his death.

The death of Taylor had a huge impact on the national football league. Everyone to tribute Taylor wore the number 21 on the back of there helmets. The Washington Redskins to honor there fallen team mate on there first defensive series play left the free safety spot wide open for Taylor. Taylor loved by the league was voted into the pro-bowl, and was an honorary member in the pro bowl. Redskins teammates Chris Cooley, Chris Samuels, and Ethan Albright wore Taylor’s #21 jersey to honor him in the pro bowl. They then auctioned the jerseys to help support the Taylor family.

Sean Taylor left an immediate impact in the NFL. Many argue that he could’ve become one of the best defensive players in the NFL with multiple awards and accolades along the way. All I know is that Sean Taylor is a player I will never forget. He was a player that was fun to watch. A man that was hell bent on making the big plays, and the big hits. He was a guy that had the can’t miss potential.  Sean Taylor five years may have passed, but you’re not forgotten.


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