NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

1. Falcons (9-1) – Close win against the Cardinals, but the defense showed resilience despite 5 INTs from Matt Ryan.

2. Texans (9-1) – It took overtime for the Texans to beat the Jaguars, but a win is a win in the NFL.

3. 49ers (7-2-1) – Backup QB Colin Kaepernick showed great poise to lead the 49ers to a victory despite Alex Smith being out with a concussion.

4. Ravens (8-2) – The Ravens were unable to score an offensive touchdown after putting up 55 the week before. They need to find consistency on offense.

5. Broncos (7-3) – It could have been much smoother, but they got it done against the Chargers when it counted.

6. Packers (7-3) – I wasn’t very impressed with their win, but they got it done against an improving Lions team.

7. Bears (7-3) – They’ve now lost the division lead and need to regroup if they still want to win the NFC North.

8. Patriots (7-3) – Dominating win last week, but the loss to Gronk will hinder this hot offense.

9. Giants (6-4) – Eli Manning hasn’t thrown all week. Hopefully that’s what he needs with a huge against against the Packers this week.

10. Seahawks (6-4) – Russell Wilson needs to get more yardage to set his team up to make the playoffs this season.

11. Buccaneers (6-4) – Josh Freeman has an outstanding 16 TDs in his last 6 games and is playing like a stud.

12. Saints (5-5) – They may be 5-5, but the Saints are right back in the playoff hunt even though I still think they’ll ultimately just miss out

13. Steelers (6-4) – The Steelers defense looked strong against the Ravens, but without Big Ben, the offense looks very bleak.

14. Colts (6-4) – The Colts showed why I think they’re playoff pretenders more than contenders against the Patriots

15. Vikings (6-4) – The Vikings had a bye week Week 11, but they move down thanks to some teams having surprising victories.

16.  Bengals (5-5) – They’re becoming more and more contenders for one of the wild card spots, especially if the Steelers continue struggles without Big Ben.

17. Cowboys (5-5) – It took overtime for the Cowboys to beat the Browns, but they got it done when it counted most.

18. Redskins (4-6) – They won’t make playoffs, but Robert Griffin III has this team moving in the right direction.

19. Titans (4-6) – Jake Locker has this Titans team poised for a late season push.

20. Lions (4-6) – They had a chance to upset the Packers and save their season, but they failed.

21. Dolphins (4-6) – They had a terrible loss to the Bills, but they actually move up with other AFC teams disappointing as well.

22. Chargers (4-6) – Norv Turner continues to show his ineptitude as a head coach.

23. Bills (4-6) – CJ Spiller is one of the only good things to take out of this Bills season.

24. Jets (4-6) – They beat the Rams, but I’m not buying into their playoff hopes.

25. Rams (3-6-1) – The Rams were humiliated by a lifeless Jets team and take a huge hit in these rankings because of it.

26. Cardinals (4-6) – They stated in it against the Falcons, but losing 6 straight just isn’t acceptable.

27. Eagles (3-7) – The Eagles season is over folks. Time to clean house.

28. Raiders (3-7) – Is it time to give Terrelle Pryor a shot?

29. Browns (2-8) – The Browns actually move up in the rankings after an OT loss to the Cowboys.

30. Jaguars (1-9) – The Jags showed they have life last week against the Texans. Maybe Chad Henne needs to be the one starting.

31. Panthers (2-8) – Cam Newton’s inability to lead his team past disgracefulness is appalling. I understand he needs help, but his composure, attitude, and play are those of a QB that won’t last long in the NFL.

32. Chiefs (1-9) – I wonder who the Chiefs want with the number one pick.



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