NFL Week 12 Picks

Texans at Lions

James: Lions – Houston has been looking unimpressive the last three weeks and will get exposed on Thanksgiving. 

Chase: Texans – Lions will give them a fight, but Houston is just too fast

Brandon: Texans – Best team in the League will dominate the game

Redskins at Cowboys

James: Redskins – RG3 will shine on prime time television on Thanksgiving day.

Chase: Cowboys – I feel this one will be close, but Romo plays great on Thanksgiving.

Brandon: Cowboys – Should bounce back from terrible showing against the Browns

Patriots at Jets

James: Patriots – Tom Brady and the Patriots offense has found their groove and cannot be stopped even without Rob Gronkowski.

Chase: Patriots – The Pats will have to wonder what life would be without  Gronkowski none the less they should win.

Brandon: Patriots – Tom Brady vs. Jets Defense.

Vikings at Bears

James: Bears – Bears will get on track after two very disappointing losses.

Chase: Bears – Cutler should be back so DA BEARS should win.

Brandon: Bears – Christian Ponder vs. Bears defense.

Raiders at Bengals

James: Bengals – Raiders are struggling without McFadden and will lose another game as Carson Palmer returns to Cincinnati.

Chase: Bengals – Welcome home Carson, they don’t miss you. Bengals are looking pretty good right now.

Brandon: Bengals – The Bengals are looking good this season and should have a good game against a bad Raiders team.

Steelers at Browns

James: Browns – Can’t believe I’m picking them, but the Browns have lost close all season and should beat a battered and bruised Steelers team that could be in free fall.

Chase: Steelers – Going to be a defensive battle but Pittsburgh will prevail.

Brandon: Browns – Big Ben not playing hurt the Steelers on Sunday, and it should hurt them against the Browns.

Bills at Colts

James: Bills – The Bills have looked like a different team as of late, and I expect CJ Spiller to run all over a Colts defense that’s proven to be terrible against the run lately.

Chase: Colts – Colts will be happy to face the Bills and not the Pats.

Brandon: Colts – Should bounce back from a loss to the Patriots.

Titans at Jaguars

James: Titans – Jake Locker has given the Titans a spark on offense that the Jaguars will not be able to stop.

Chase: Titans – Henie is the best option for the Jaguars, but Locker is back and on fire.

Brandon: Titans – Expect a good game from Chris Johnson

Broncos at Chiefs

James: Broncos – The Chiefs are in a complete free fall mode.

Chase: Broncos – They will win this game, no questions asked.

Brandon: Broncos – The Chiefs are probably the worst team in the league and should not be able to get past Denver

Seahawks at Dolphins

James: Seahawks – Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill has been very inconsistent this year, and you can’t expect to do well against this Seahawks defense if you are inconsistent.

Chase: Seahawks – This team on the road is shaky, but they’re still a tough team.

Brandon: Seahawks – Seattle, coming off the bye, should have a win against the Dolphins

Falcons at Buccaneers

James: Falcons – Upset Alert! Even though I’m picking the Falcons to win this game, I would not be surprised at all if the Bucs get it done.

Chase: Buccaneers – The Buccaneers are hungry, but the Falcons will keep it close.

Brandon: Buccaneers – Atlanta barely got away with a win this Sunday and the Bucs are looking really good.

Ravens at Chargers

James: Ravens – Phillip Rivers won’t be able to do anything against this defense, prompting questions about whether he has a spot on this team in 2013.

Chase: Ravens – Chargers are a mess, and Ravens are just looking too good for the Chargers to handle.

Brandon: Ravens – The Chargers look terrible this season and should keep it up this week

Rams at Cardinals

James: Rams – The Cardinals have become a mess at the QB position after the benching of John Skelton for Ryan Lindley.

Chase: Rams – Just who is the Cardinals QB right now?

Brandon: Cardinals – Sam Bradford vs. Cardinals defense.

49ers at Saints

James: Saints – The Saints are back and will win this one to help their playoff hopes.

Chase: 49ers – Saints winning streak will end facing a tough 49ers team.

Brandon: 49ers – Looked great against arguably the best team in the NFL with their backup QB.

Packers at Giants

James: Giants – Eli Manning always finds a way to get it done against the Packers. I expect no different.

Chase: Packers – Wonder if the bye week helped Mannings throwing power?

Brandon: Giants – Eli Manning has had a week to prepare for the Green Bay Packers and will have a good game.

Panthers at Eagles

James: Panthers – Who would have thought before the season this would have been a game between a 2-8 and 3-7 team?

Chase: Panthers – Eagles are a mess, and Cam should shine under the Monday Night lights.

Brandon: Panthers – Eagles have too many injuries to key players.

Last Week:

James: 11-3                                  Chase: 10-4                                             Brandon: 11-3

Season Records:

James: 99-60-1                           Chase: 90-69-1                                       Brandon: 102-57-1



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