BCS Rankings Week 13: The Luck of the Irish


BCS Top 25

1 Notre Dame 11-0
2 Alabama 10-1
3 Georgia 10-1
4 Florida 10-1
5 Oregon 10-1
6 Kansas State 10-1
7 LSU 9-2
8 Stanford 9-2
9 Texas A&M 9-2
10 Florida State 10-1
11 Clemson 10-1
12 South Carolina 9-2
13 Oklahoma 8-2
14 Nebraska 9-2
15 Oregon State 8-2
16 Texas 8-2
17 UCLA 9-2
18 Rutgers 9-1
19 Michigan 8-3
20 Louisville 9-1
21 Oklahoma State 7-3
22 Boise State 9-2
23 Kent State 10-1
24 Arizona 7-4
25 Washington 7-4

Last week we saw an upset when Texas A and M defeat number one Alabama; this week we saw both number 1 and 2 go down. Kansas State with a very favorable schedule heading towards the BCS title loss big in Waco, Texas; the Baylor Bears at home pulled off the upset winning 54-24. Kansas State and the world were probably shocked to see how well Baylor’s defense played that game. Everyone knew Baylor would get their points and this game could be a shootout. It was unexpected that it would be a blowout. Baylor became the first team in the BCS era too have a losing record, and defeat the number 1 team in the nation.

The Oregon ducks just met a stone wall in Stanford’s defense. Stanford’s defense seemed to be battle tested and ready for Oregon. They kept one of the most explosive offense in the country down to only a mere 14 points.  Stanford entered the game fierce and would keep the ducks’ grounded for most of the game. The game itself was extremely close itself leaving both teams to go to overtime. The luck for Oregon was gone from there; Third and nine Oregon QB Mariota and his receiver had a mis-communication costing them a possible TD. Then it got worse when Oregon’s kicker missed a field goal hitting the crossbar. Stanford on their possession went on to kick the game winning field goal.

Now it seems like what most fans fear as the SEC looks dominate as Alabama is at two, Georgia at 3, and Florida at 4. Now when it comes to teams odds when whether or not which teams has a chance lets look at how the top 7 teams  have a chance at making the BCS championship.

#1 Notre Dame – Notre Dame runs the table. They just needs to win at USC and they will be in the national championship.

#2 Alabama- Alabama needs to win against Auburn and win the SEC championship against Georgia.

#3 Georgia- Georgia needs to win against Georgia Tech and win the SEC championship against Alabama.

#4 Florida-  Florida needs to win against Florida State , Georgia loss to Georgia Tech, SEC championship Georgia win over Alabama. Since Florida can’t make it to the SEC title game.

#5 Oregon- Oregon is interesting but they need Notre Dame too stay on top, because then they will be wedged in between the two SEC teams which they don’t want. Oregon needs to win out. An Alabama loss too Auburn, and Georgia loss to Georgia Tech, and a Florida loss over Florida State. Then they would need Georgia too win over LSU or Alabama whoever wins the tie breaker and has a better overall record in the SEC West. That is the only way I can see Oregon making it back to the NCAA Championship game. They also better hope Stanford loses to UCLA this weekend, and that UCLA is ranked high enough when they face.

#6 Kansas State- Kansas State really needs the most help despite being at number six. They are in the same situation as Oregon. Except for them they don’t have a championship game too play in to favor them. They are pretty much doomed and would need help sort of like this. LSU, Albama,Georgia, UCLA, Oregon Florida loss this week, Stanford win. Then they would need Stanford and Alabama too lose in there respective championship games. Basing off how the computers are that is my prediction in thought process.

#7 LSU- Despite being at seven LSU could sneak in at two; what is weird they have an easier time then number six Kansas St. All LSU needs is an Alabama loss this week, Georgia loss this week and win the SEC championship, they would also need an Oregon loss too make it better for them. LSU just needs to win out and hope for some losses too be number 2 and face for the BCS championship for the second straight year.

So this is how the BCS stands. These last weeks of College football seem like an interesting one. If you are wondering what I think will go on I will give you my quick predictions. Notre Dame will win against USC. USC is done they are out of playing in a big bowl, Barkley is hurt so I don’t see how Notre Dame could lose to them. So I got Notre Dame winning. I see Alabama and Georgia playing in the SEC title game and we will see Georgia win this game; so our BCS title game will be Georgia and Notre Dame. Shame that Ohio State has the bowl ban on them otherwise they would be playing in the National title. Then again they still have the Michigan game left, and we all know Michigan will do anything to spoil any Ohio State fun.

Now that the realm has change once again how do you see this happening? Do you see Notre Dame facing any one of those teams? Will there be another all SEC classic what will happen? Next week is rivalry week for the NCAA and a lot of chaos could happen in that week.



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