What is causing the Eagles to have a bad season?

During the Pre-season last year, the Philadelphia Eagles were predicted to do really well and win the super bowl.  They had a disappointing season and ended with a record of 8-8.  This season the Philadelphia eagles were expected to have a better season than last year and at least make the playoffs.  So far they are off to a bad start and are projected to end with a worse record than last season. The Eagles record going into week 11 is 3-6. From what history has shown us, the Eagles have a 1.4 percent chance to make the playoffs.  There are some major problems this season that need to be fixed for the Philadelphia Eagles to be successful next year.

The Offensive Line:  This season the Eagles offensive line has given up 29 sacks.  They have given up the second most in the league.  The 2012 season is almost halfway over and they are already almost to 32, the number of sacks given up last season.  The chance of Michael Vick getting sacked on a play has increased.   If the offensive line can block for the quarterback, this offense will start to look a whole lot better.

Defense:  So far this season the defense has not been looking very good.  The Eagles are tied with the Colts at 25 for most tackles by a defense this season.  Open field tackling seems to be a huge problem for the Eagles.  Andy Reid decided it was time to let go the defensive coordinator hoping to improve the defense.  This has only resulted in more lack of production and nothing has changed.  The Eagles defense is also tied at 28 for sacks in the league with only 14.  Last season the Eagles defensive end, Jason Babin, had more sacks then the whole defense this season.

Turnovers: Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles have lost most of their games due to turnovers.  The Eagles lead the lead in Turnovers with 21 with 10 coming from interceptions thrown by Michael Vick.  This team needs to not turn the ball over as much if they want to win the majority of their upcoming games.

Michael Vick is injured with a concussion after taking a hit against the Dallas Cowboys.  He has been ruled out of the game this week against the Washington Redskins.  The rookie Nick Foles will start until Michael Vick is healthy.



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