BCS Rankings for Week 12: Kansas St. Number One!

BCS Top 25

1 Kansas State 10-0
2 Oregon 10-0
3 Notre Dame 10-0
4 Alabama 9-1
5 Georgia 9-1
6 Florida 9-1
7 LSU 8-2
8 Texas A&M 8-2
9 South Carolina 8-2
10 Florida State 9-1
11 Clemson 9-1
12 Oklahoma 7-2
13 Stanford 8-2
14 Nebraska 8-2
15 Texas 8-2
16 Oregon State 7-2
17 UCLA 8-2
18 USC 7-3
19 Louisville 9-1
20 Louisiana Tech 9-1
21 Michigan 7-3
22 Rutgers 8-1
23 Texas Tech 7-3
24 Oklahoma State 6-3
25 Washington 6-4

Dropped from rankings: Northwestern 21, Mississippi State 23, Toledo 25

Others receiving votes: Northern Illinois 105, Wisconsin 68, Kent State 39, Cincinnati 35, Mississippi State 32, Utah State 20, UCF 18, Northwestern 10, San Diego State 8, Tulsa 8, Washington 7, Fresno State 4, Middle Tennessee 2

The realm of the BCS has changed. Number 1 Alabama fell to then ranked number 15 Texas A and M. Now the BCS will be run by the table of Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame.  As it stands Kansas St. and Oregon are the favorites to be in the championship game.

Kansas States remaining games are Baylor, and number 15 Texas. The schedule is favorable to them to win those game, but they could end up losing the number one spot to the Oregon ducks by the end of the season.

Oregon’s remaining schedule consisting with number 13 Stanford, and number 16 Oregon State. They also have the PAC 12 championship where they will be either taking on the possibly ranked teams of USC, and UCLA. USC and UCLA will battle for the chance to play Oregon this weekend.

That seems for a fair argument for Oregon to take the number one spot in the end of it all. So what about Notre Dame? Where do they fit in all of this? Notre Dame to play in the national title game would need for either Kansas St. or Oregon too lose. Notre Dames remaining schedule in Boston College and number 18 USC would not be in their favor to claim the spot. Notre Dame really hurt themselves when playing close to the weak competition of there schedule. In the end they are winners none the less.

I am sure some are wondering could Alabama,Georgia, and possibly Florida could sneak in the national title game? Mainly because we all know how the computers love the SEC. Florida is out of the picture mainly because they can’t make it to the SEC title game, so they’re out. Georgia has a chance if all four teams ahead of them lose and they win the SEC title game. As for Alabama, they have a better chance. If both Kansas St. and Oregon lose any of there upcoming games Alabama could slip in there.

So that is the picture we have now. It has been an interesting college football season, and I’m sure many fans are relieved to see a fresh new face at number one. These last three weeks of  the regular season could be a difference maker for a lot of teams.

Who do you think will be number one at the end of the season? Could we possibly see a shift in the top 3?



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