NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

My Power Rankings going into Week 10 of the 2012 NFL Season:

1. Falcons (8-0) – The Falcons were able to beat the Cowboys and stay undefeated. Matt Ryan is playing like an MVP and the longer he does, the longer this winning streak will continue.

2. Bears (7-1) – Charles Tillman and the Chicago Bears defense forced 5 turnovers against the Titans this week. With a defense like this, the Bears are a legit Super Bowl contender.

3. Texans (7-1) – Andre Johnson showed this past week he’s still one of the NFL’s best, and they’re going to need him to be when the playoffs arrive.

4. 49ers (6-2) – Coming off a bye, the 49ers offense will look smoother and will get more wins as the playoffs approach.

5. Giants (6-3) – The Giants looked very stagnant against the Steelers making me wonder if the annual November slump is upon us.

6. Ravens (6-2) – The Ravens had trouble against the Browns last week, but they still got the job done as Ray Rice had a nice day.

7. Packers (6-3) – The Packers need to get healthy with the bye week coming up.

8. Broncos (5-3) – Peyton played very well in Cincinnati last week, adding to his bid for NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

9. Steelers (5-3) – Had a very impressive win in Metlfe Stadium against the Giants and look poised to steal the AFC North lead from the Ravens.

10. Patriots (5-3) – Last time we saw the Patriots they looked like the old dominant team. They need to keep that up if they want a chance to win the Super Bowl this year.

11. Seahawks (5-4) – The Seahawks are looking playoff bound thanks to this powerful defense and balanced offense

12. Colts (5-3) – Peyton Manning who? Andrew Luck broke the record for passing yards in a game for a rookie last week and is showing the mass potential he possesses.

13. Chargers (4-4) – Rivers bounced back against the Chiefs after an embarrassing loss to the Browns to keep the Chargers playoff hopes alive.

14. Lions (4-4) – The Lions have put together a nice winning streak as the Stafford to Megatron connection is heating up again.

15. Buccaneers (4-4) – Josh Freeman has stepped up his game, and Doug Martin is my Offensive Rookie of the Year so far.

16. Vikings (5-4) – Adrian Peterson is trying his hardest to keep this offense steady, but Christian Ponder has contributed to this recent downfall with 8 INTs the last 5 games.

17. Dolphins (4-4) – Tannehill threw some inaccurate passes down the stretch against the Colts which led to the loss. However, I expect him to bounce back against the putrid Titans.

18. Saints (3-5) – The Saints have revived their season and are back in the NFC playoff hunt.

19. Cowboys (3-5) – Huge game this week against the Eagles. It’s going to be make or break for the Cowboys season.

20. Eagles (3-5) – Vick was unable to beat the Saints and needs to beat the Cowboys this week to save the Eagles season.

21. Redskins (3-6) – Shanahan says he’s not giving up, but with the Redskins remaining schedule, maybe he should.

22. Cardinals (4-5) – They have now lost 5 straight, and it makes me wonder what happened to the NFL’s surprise team?

23. Bengals (3-5) – The Bengals need to find a sense of urgency soon before this season becomes a waste.

24. Rams (3-5) – Big divisional game against the 49ers this week. If they want to be taken seriously, an upset would turn a lot of heads.

25. Titans (3-6) – The Titans’ season is now all about Jake Locker. They need to get him back on the field and get him the experience because the playoffs are now out of the question.

26. Jets (3-5) – The Jets are a shocking 3-8 since Week 15 of 2011. After this week, it will be Tebow time in New York.

27. Raiders (3-5) – The Raiders game up 251 rushing yards to a rookie last week….should I say more?

28. Panthers (2-6) – They showed they still have life last week vs. the Redskins. Can they build a nice winning streak to end the season on a high note?

29. Bills (3-5) – Surprisingly held up pretty well against the AFC’s best team last week, but this defense just cannot compete a high level consistently.

30. Browns (2-7) – Held in there against the Ravens, but they were not able to get the job done again. How much longer will it take for Pat Shurmur to be fired?

31. Jaguars (1-7) – Blaine Gabbert still looks terrible, while first year coach Mike Murlarkey could be in trouble.

32. Chiefs (1-7) – The Chiefs are a total mess right now. Romeo Crennel has shown that he cannot be a legitimate head coach in the NFL, and it’s time they begin to build their 2013 NFL Draft board.



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