NFL Week 10 Picks

Colts at Jaguars 

James: Colts – Andrew Luck will continue to play very well for the Colts.

Chase: Colts – Luck is on fire, and Jaguars just plain out sucking,

Brandon: Colts – Jags haven’t been playing good all season and the Colts should be able to pull off the win.

Raiders at Ravens

James: Ravens – Ravens win a close one at home but continue to have offensive issues.

Chase: Ravens – McFadden’s status is key, but the Ravens are still a tough team.

Brandon: Ravens – Oakland has not been looking good this year and will not start this game.

Broncos at Panthers

James: Broncos – The Broncos have quickly become a legitimate Super Bowl contender and will win in Carolina.

Chase: Panthers – This is going to be a trap game for the Broncos.

Brandon: Broncos – Peyton Manning will do well vs. a young Cam Newton

Giants at Bengals

James: Giants – Eli bounces back after a disappointing loss to Pittsburgh.

Chase: Giants – Eli isn’t going to let the AFC North trump him two weeks in a row.

Brandon: Giants – They had a bad game against the Steelers but don’t expect that to happen against the Bengals.

Titans at Dolphins

James: Dolphins – Titans give up 145 yards and 2 TDs to Reggie Bush in a loss.

Chase: Dolphins – Titans defense will struggle against Reggie.

Brandon: Dolphins – Titans cannot get anything going for their team.

Lions at Vikings

James: Lions – Christian Ponder’s struggles continue and Lions build a winning streak.

Chase: Lions – Ponder is looking atrocious while the Lions seem to have found there groove.

Brandon: Lions – The Vikings are becoming too predictable.

Bills at Patriots

James: Patriots – Brady will have fun against this Bills defense.

Chase: Patriots – Coming off a bye facing Buffalo sounds good for Brady.

Brandon: Patriots – Expect a huge game from Tom Brady.

Falcons at Saints

James: Falcons – Falcons stay undefeated, but don’t be surprised if Saints put an end to Falcons’ winning streak.

Chase: Falcons – The Saints defense is bad, so Matty Ice should have fun against this defense.

Brandon: Saints – Matt Ryan and the Falcons have been barely winning games lately and the Saints will give them a great game.

Chargers at Buccaneers

James: Chargers – Chargers win this despite another great day from Doug Martin.

Chase: Buccaneers – Chargers defense meet Doug Martin.

Brandon: Buccaneers – Doug Martin will once again lead his team to victory with the help of a much improved Josh Freeman.

Jets at Seahawks

James: Seahawks – It’s too hard to win in Seattle nowadays.

Chase: Jets – Coming off a bye I feel they will be able to keep it close and win.

Brandon: Seahawks – Russell Wilson and company should win over a hurt Jets team.

Cowboys at Eagles

James: Cowboys – Cowboys get back on track.

Chase: Cowboys – Both teams are hot and cold, but I prefer the Cowboys who can show some brilliance every once in a while.

Brandon: Cowboys – Eagles turnovers will lose them the game

Rams at 49ers

James: 49ers – 49ers continue to dominate divisional games.

Chase: 49ers – Rams are too young to beat the 49ers right now

Brandon: 49ers – San Francisco’s defense will be too much for the Rams.

Texans at Bears

James: Bears – Bears win thanks to more defensive TDs.

Chase: Bears – Tillman and the Chicago defense facing against Foster and the Texans.

Brandon: Bears – The Chicago defense will power them past a good Texans team.

Chiefs at Steelers

James: Steelers – Chiefs don’t have a change in Pittsburgh.

Chase: Steelers – Chiefs are a complete mess right now.

Brandon: Steelers – The Chiefs are having too many problems to pick up the win this week over a Steelers team that just beat one of the best teams in the NFL

Last Week:

James: 12-2                          Chase: 7-7                              Brandon: 10-4


James: 81-51                       Chase: 74-58                          Brandon: 82-50



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