Matt Ryan leading his team to success

Matt Ryan the 4th year Quarterback out of Boston College has made an automatic impact for the Atlanta Falcons. Since his arrival Ryan has been nothing but magical helping Atlanta fans forgetting former Quarterback Michael Vick. Ryan as a 4th year quarterback has been opening a lot of eyes this season. People thought Ryan would be good and once again lead his team to the playoffs. No one expected talking about Matt Ryan as an MVP candidate this year.

Ryan has stepped up his game this year showing improved skills in his footwork, and passing skills. Ryan last year had a completion percentage of 61.3 percent. An ok completion percentage as a Quarterback but this year entering Week 9 of the league; Matt Ryan has a 68.3 percent completion percentage. That is a phenomenal upgrade for Ryan.  Ryan has always had the talent around him to make the Falcons a serious threat. Ryan though was just inaccurate to start off in his career.   Ryan though has learned patience in the pocket and has developed a great deep ball.

One thing about Ryan that I feel he is underrated for is hit footwork. Most fans do not look at footwork at a QB, but focus more on the QB’s arm. Footwork as a QB is important as well. With good footwork you can make a lot of difficult throws look easy. Ryan has always been a guy who could move with his feet when needed. The one thing that was a concern for Ryan was his footwork inside the pocket. Inside the pocket some games Ryan would look very good, but then other times he looked bad. Ryan though has been very good in the pocket this year. One thing Ryan has done well is limit his rushing attempts, and only rushing when needed too.  You will see some plays in the past when teams run a strong safety blitz; you’ll see Ryan do two things well. First he will check over the middle to see if he has some one that can fit into the hole he is looking for; the option is not there Ryan will run for a short gain. Ryan though this year Ryan has trust in what his team mates are doing.

Many may feel it could be the talent around Ryan that is making Ryan shine. With receivers with the likes of Roddy White, young up and comer Julio Jones, and the never aging tight end in Tony Gonzalez. Many feel without that talent Ryan would not be such a star. It takes two to tango; a good wide receiver won’t do well with an average quarterback.  Ryan is placing the ball in the right spot. Whether it is a beautiful over the shoulder throw, or a perfect pass inside the numbers; Ryan is getting the job done.

Ryan’s smart play this year is beautiful. He is knocking on the door of becoming an elite QB. A lot of criticism for Ryan though as a QB is not winning a game in the post season; this year will be different for Ryan and the Falcons. Ryan has been making smart plays all year, and if he keeps this work up the Falcons could win its first playoff game with Ryan at QB. The Falcons right now are undefeated thanks to the great play of Matt Ryan. The Falcons will remain great as long as Ryan keeps playing great.



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