NFL Week 9 Picks

Bye Week: Patriots, Jets, Rams, 49ers.

Chiefs at Chargers

James: Chargers – After a loss to the Browns, the Chargers will bounce back and beat the Chiefs.

Chase:  Chiefs – Chargers have too much problems

Brandon: Chargers – Expecting Chargers to bounce back against a weak Kansas City Chiefs team.

Broncos at Bengals

James: Broncos – The Bengals are coming off a bye and could upset a hot Broncos team, but the Broncos are playing very efficient football right now and I expect them to win.

Chase: Bengals – The Broncos better not sleep on this tough offense

Brandon:  Broncos – Denver Broncos will be too much for the 2nd year Quarterback, Andy Dalton.

Ravens at Browns

James: Ravens – Flacco should bounce back coming off a bye to fix the Ravens’ offensive woes.

Chase: Ravens – Ravens will prove to still be on top after this game

Brandon: Ravens – Combination of a good defense and a mediocre offense against a young Cleveland Browns

Cardinals at Packers

James: Packers – The Cardinals are now playing the way we expected them before the season started. Mediocre.

Chase: Packers – The Pack are back

Brandon:  Packers – Overall talent on the Packers should hold off the Arizona Cardinals in a big victory.

Bills at Texans

James: Texans – Expect the Texans to put up monster numbers in the running game against the worst defense in the NFL.

Chase: Texans – The Texans should have no problem against the worst defense in the league

Brandon: Texans – Buffalo has one of the worst passing defenses in the league so the Matt Schaub and his receivers should have a field day.

Dolphins at Colts

James: Dolphins – Andrew Luck will struggle against this Dolphins’ D.

Chase: Dolphins – One of the surprise teams in the NFL great defense.

Brandon: Dolphins – Last week they looked good against the Jets and should come out with the win

Lions at Jaguars

James: Lions – If the Lions lose this game, they have serious problems.

Chase: Lions – The Lions are still improving.

Brandon: Lions – Expect Matthew Stafford to have a good game

Bears at Titans

James: Bears – Matt Forte will have a field day against a Titans D allowing 139.3 rushing yards per game

Chase: Bears – Rough defense will get by the young team

Brandon:  Bears – Defense will shut down the Titans offense

Panthers at Redskins

James: Panthers – Cam Newton better win this one or the season is pretty much over for the Panthers

Chase: Redskins – RG3 vs Cam Newton good hype.

Brandon: Redskins – RGIII should have a good game against the Panthers and lead the Redskins past the 1-6 Panthers

Buccaneers at Raiders

James: Bucs – Josh Freeman has been playing really well lately, and I expect that to continue

Chase: Raiders – Tough game against the Buccaneers. Coach Dennis Allen might have found the winning formula.

Brandon: Bucs – Doug Martin had a huge game against the Minnesota and should have another good game against Oakland

Vikings at Seahawks

James: Seahawks – Christian Ponder will struggle in the loud Seahawks stadium.

Chase: Vikings – Vikings will get back on track. Hawks D could stop, but it’s very hard to predict.

Brandon: Vikings – Should bounce back from a disappointing loss to the Bucs

Steelers at Giants

James: Giants – Expect a late game drive from Eli to win the game.

Chase: Giants – Offense can light it up and destory, or be flat and cost them games.

Brandon: Giants – They are finally playing the NFL Super Bowl Champions again

Cowboys at Falcons

James: Falcons – Falcons stay undefeated and Matt Ryan has another great game.

Chase: Falcons – Cowboys will keep it close, but Matty Ice has been too good

Brandon: Falcons –  The Falcons offense will dominate this game

Eagles at Saints

James: Saints – Saints win in a blowout and Vick benched for good.

Chase: Saints – The Eagles have to much drama too worry about. The Saints are losing but hungry for a big win.

Brandon: Saints – The Eagles have too many things going wrong for them and Saints should bounce back from a loss to the Broncos

Season Records:

Brandon: 72-46

James: 69-49

Chase: 67-51



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