Maurice Jones-Drew Ends Holdout

Jacksonville Jaguars fans can finally rejoice. Maurice Jones-Drew is reportedly ending his holdout and will report to camp later today. This news comes after a 38 day holdout by MJD. The Jaguars have said since the beginning they have no plans of signing Jones-Drew to a new contract and they were ready to let him holdout for as long as he needed to. Jones-Drew must have felt it was time to get back on this field with his teammates and give his team the best chance to win.

Surprisingly, the Jaguars still plan to start Rashad Jennings Week 1 over MJD. They plan to get MJD’s feet wet before plugging him back in the starting lineup.

With Jones-Drew back, the Jaguars become a sleeper for a playoff spot. QB Blaine Gabbert is showing improvement and WR Justin Blackmon is looking like a stud. If MJD’s production doesn’t taper off, the Jaguars could make the playoffs.



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