Colts Acquire Vontae Davis From Miami Dolphins

For the last couple days Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay has been hinting at a possible trade. The mystery has been solved. According to NFL Insider Jay Glazer, the Colts have agreed to trade a second round pick and a conditional sixth round pick to the Miami Dolphins for CB Vontae Davis.

Vontae Davis would fill the role of the second starting CB the Colts have been looking for. Davis has been a consistent corner for the last couple of years and has been Miami’s best corner.

According to multiple reports, the Dolphins do not believe Davis meshes well with the new regime. He’s reportedly been struggling under Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle’s new system and they must have felt it was time to move on.

The knock on Davis has always been his lack of maturity. Last year, Davis got suspended one game by Miami for getting into an altercation with former teammate Brandon Marshall in practice.

Coach Joe Philbin has been taking risks since becoming Head Coach by getting rid of players Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson and now Vontae Davis regardless of talent. Hopefully it works out or Philbin may be looking for a job come 2013.

Written By – James Carter – AFC South Blogger – @JamesCarterTV


One thought on “Colts Acquire Vontae Davis From Miami Dolphins

  1. Good article! I think the Colts will be a better fit for Vonte than the Dolphins. I agree with what you’re saying about Coach Philbin; he’s making moves to get the prima donnas out of there, but will he be able to replace the talent? I think the Dolphins organization should give him three years to wirk his plan to see if he can get the “Packer Way” to work in Miami.


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