Bears and Matt Forte Agree on 4 Year Deal

Just 3 hours hours before the contract extension deadline, the Bears signed their star running back Matt Forte to a 4 year deal.  Forte’s salary is being said to be 8 million dollars per year.

ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter had this interview with Matt Forte last Friday. (Pay attention to Forte’s response when Shefter asked him what would happen if the Bears did not extend his contract.

Matt Forte has handled his contract situation very well and many believe he deserves this extension. Forte entered the league in 2008 and has played in 60 games for the Bears (Forte missed his last 4 games last season with a knee injury). In his 4 seasons as a Chicago Bear, Forte has rushed for 4,233 yards, has averaged 4.2 yards per carry and ran in for 21 touchdowns. Not only is Forte a running threat but he’s a receiving threat out of the backfield. Forte’s career receiving stats include 1,985 yards receiving, 8.9 yards per catch and an additional 8 touchdowns.

All in all, many would conclude that both sides made out with this contract extension. Matt Forte received his long awaited pay day and the Bears have locked up a Top 10 running back for the next 4 seasons. The only thing that must be noted when teams extend running backs in the NFL is the life span of that player’s career. Many players at the position do not last past the age of 30 due to the punishment their bodies take. Forte’s contract would have been extended months ago if this wasn’t an issue.


Written By – David Rantisi- Founder and NFC North Writer

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One thought on “Bears and Matt Forte Agree on 4 Year Deal

  1. That is good news for all us Bears fans! It was about damn time; had me worried that they was gonna force Forte to sit out and lose money. Great way to star training camp at Bourbonnais. Go Bears! Beardown!


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