WR Chad Ochocinco Signs with Miami Dolphins

After participating in workouts with Miami this past week, the franchise has confirmed that they have signed the 6-time Pro Bowl WR Chad Ochocinco to a 1 year short term contract.

It is obvious Miami needs a true receiver to fill in the holes Brandon Marshall left, and maybe Ochocinco can contribute. It is certain they’re not signing the same receiver who posted 6 consecutive 1,000 yard receiving seasons with the Bengals, however, this is still a very good deal and Ochocino should most certainly find a big role in Miami’s offense.

Chad Ochocinco is also known historically to never shy away from the spotlight, but embrace and welcome it. This trait will definitely help this Miami native thrive during the Fins’ training camp while HBO (Partnered with NFL Films) constantly films Miami’s progress throughout their training camps to broadcast on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” weekly reality football series. All Miami can hope for is that he takes over and blossoms as the teams star wide receiver, and not their star diva during training camp for Hard Knocks.

Written By – Jack Knighton- AFC East Writer

For more NFL off-season coverage stay tuned to Before The Kickoff.



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