Vikings Taking Precautions?

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Head Coach Leslie Frazier said “there’s a very good chance [Toby Gerhart] is going to have to really carry the load early on.”

This may imply that the Vikings are cautious with star running back Adrian Peterson returning to the field too early.

Adrian Peterson suffered an ACL, MCL and meniscus tear in his left knee in Week 16 of the 2011 season. Although it has been 6 months since the gruesome injury, the Vikings are still unsure whether Peterson will be ready to play by Week 1. Peterson on the other hand thinks otherwise.

Just two weeks after his surgery, Peterson was already off of his crutches. Peterson began running for the first time in late March and is now running sprints without a problem. Peterson’s next step is to start cutting in and out of runs to test the stability of his repaired knee. If it was up to Peterson he would already tell you that he’s ready for Week 1, but as of right now it sounds like Leslie Frazier still wants to be cautious about his super star.


Written By – David Rantisi- Founder and NFC North Writer

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