Kansas City adds QB #4 – Alex Tanney

On Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs signed rookie free agent Alex Tanney, a record-setting quarterback at Monmouth College, a Division III college in Illinois. He’s the 4th QB on the Chiefs’ roster behind starter Matt Cassel – who’s recovering from an injury on his throwing hand last season, Brady Quinn, and Ricky Stanzi


At Monmouth, he passed for 14,429 yards (a new Division III record) and 157 touchdowns (a NCAA record for ALL LEVELS).  In 2011, Tanney threw for 3,867 yards and 38 TDs.

Tanney is known for his YouTube video where he’s throwing footballs in unusual situations on and off the football field; the vid went viral with over two million hits since it was posted. 

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the link.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxDJb03a0yo

Written by – Arnold Glass II – AFC West Writer



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