Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins announced today that they have agreed to appear on the HBO series that chronicles one NFL team’s training camp. The show will air weekly, beginning on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. Looking at this situation from franchise owner Mr. Ross’ perspective, it was of great oppurtunity to focus somewhat of a spotlight back on the Fins. Ever since the retirement of Marino, the Dolphins have broken NFL records for most starting NFL quarterbacks with 17 in just a decade. This once storied and proud franchise needs to turn the overall outlook and public image it has had since the end of Marino.

The team that appears on Hard Knocks is always one of the most-discussed teams in the NFL in August. And from a storytelling perspective, the producers of Hard Knocks will find plenty of storylines to explore, such as new coach Joe Philbin running a training camp for the first time and a three-man quarterback competition featuring incumbent Matt Moore, first-round draft pick Ryan Tannehill and free agent signing David Garrard all in the mix.

The biggest question, however, is whether the Dolphins are interesting enough for many football fans to care about their training camp. Coming off three straight losing seasons, the Dolphins aren’t one of the league’s marquee teams. That makes this announcement something of a surprise.

However, this team and its players are most certainly able to generate entertainment and action for this series with several high profile posistional battles for the starting job.

Written By – Jack Knighton- AFC East Writer

For more NFL off-season coverage stay tuned to Before The Kickoff.



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