Before The Kickoff’s Poll of the Week!

Pick a team, and vote! Before The Kickoff’s Poll of the Week gives readers a chance to share their opinion through the poll and comment section, on the latest topics in the NFL!


2 thoughts on “Before The Kickoff’s Poll of the Week!

  1. I see the majority of the voters picked the Broncos, but I might have to put an asterik by the team. They are favorites as long as Peyton Manning stays healthy; if he goes down, then we have the rookie QB Brock Osweiler and Caleb Hanie (with Chicago being my hometown, I have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Hanie). After looking at the backup QB’s, I have to ask, was Brady Quinn that bad?

    • We’ll see. Osweiler is in a similar situation as Aaron Rodgers was in Green Bay. He’s obviously the QB of the future. If he played in his rookie year, and did bad, people would already begin to question his ability to play ball. Plus, Jack and I did another podcast debate on the Broncos and this very topic. We should be putting up soon.


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