Junior Seau Passes Away at the Age of 43, Chargers Retire No. 55

Update: The San Diego Chargers have retired Junior Seau’s No. 55 at a memorial for the legendary linebacker held at Qualcomm Stadium. Over 20,000 fans turned up to farewell Seau.

Junior Seau was found in his Oceanside, California home with a gun shot wound to his chest. He was later declared dead and investigators are ruling the death as a suicide. Many question Seau’s death and do not believe that he would kill himself. Investigators also found a gun near Seau’s body upon investigation. It is clearly a sad day for Seau’s family, the NFL, and NFL fans everywhere. We have lost a very special and talented player today. There is no question that Seau will be inducted into the hall of fame, but it is a shame that he will not be able to see his own induction when the day comes.

Written By – David Rantisi- NFL Draft and NFC North Writer

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One thought on “Junior Seau Passes Away at the Age of 43, Chargers Retire No. 55

  1. As a football fan, this was a shock when I heard it, no matter what the circumstances were, this is just a very sad day in sports and as said in the story above, it will be even sadder when heis inducted in pro football Hall of Fame.
    Rest In Peace Junior.


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