Recapping the 1st Round for the NFC East

The 1st round of the draft this year was extremely wild. The Colts we the only ream to hold their original pick of the teams that drafted in the top 7. Here is my opinion of each NFC East team’s 1st round draft choice.


The Redskins did as everyone expected and drafted Robert Griffin III.  Getting a few other good players later in the draft would be a great bonus.


The Cowboys stunned everybody when they traded up 8 sports to draft Cornerback Morris Claiborne 6th overall. Claiborne was the top CB in the draft, and is considered by some to be a better defender than Patrick Peterson. This was a very good pick for the Cowboys at a position they needed someone at.


The Eagles trade up 3 picks so they could get Defensive Tackle Fletcher Cox. He was expected to be a top-10 pick, so when the Eagles saw him drop that far, they went after him. Cox could be very helpful to the Eagles early in his career. He could very well start from day 1, as the Eagles have nothing better than him at this position.


The Giants waited until the last pick of the 1st round to draft someone. They drafted Running Back David Wilson with that pick. He is a very risky pick, as he has much to learn, but he could turn out to be a very decent back. He has had trouble with decision-making at the line of scrimmage. Here is a video of an example of his decision-making troubles.

Written by – David Kusnitz – NFC East Writer



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